BEST 3 Wheel Baby Stroller with Car Seat

Best 3 Wheel Baby Stroller with Car Seat

Baby strollers are important to mothers, and they also provide comfort for babies. With a lot of strollers on the market, the addition of car seats has made it much easier for nursing mothers to use strollers. Also, if you frequent travel around with your children, then you absolutely should check out our recent post about the most popular baby strollers.

Selecting a 3 wheel baby stroller with car seat can sometimes be difficult since you need to consider how you will store the stroller in your car and if the car seat will fit into your car. Also, if you own a car and have more than one baby, we strongly recommend you to check out our other post to help you find a double stroller compatible with Britax B safe car seat.

After careful consideration, I have picked my best two options and here are a few features that make them the best.

Chicco Viaro Stroller Travel System

3 wheel baby stroller with car seat

When selecting a stroller, there are lots of features to look out for which I found in the ChiccoViaro Stroller. After buying the stroller, the first thing that impressed me was how quickly it folds into a more compact form. This is a great benefit when considering there is not a lot of storage space available in my home.

During the time I have used the stroller, it has been easy to use with different car seats as it can be adjusted and is also easy to level its positioning using the indicators.

If you are the type that likes extra assurance that you have set things properly, it makes a click sound to indicate that it has been fitted correctly.

Key features of the ChiccoViaro Stroller Travel System

The features which make this a great 3 wheel baby stroller with car seat include:

• The lightweight of the stroller makes it easy to store and carry around during travels.

• When using the KeyFit Travel system, you can use a full canopy closure

• To avoid delays, it folds easily and quickly with the One-hand fold

• The stroller is adjustable to work correctly with different types of seat by utilizing a ReclineSure spring-loaded leveling foot

• Easy to balance with the RideRight bubble-level indicator on both sides of the stroller

• To reduce the effort required to achieve a tight fit, it comes with a one-pull latch which uses the SuperCinch technology to increase the force

• It has an infant insert feature

• An easily adjustable 5-point harness using a one-pull tightener

• To assure you of safety, there is a click to indicate that the KeyFithas been adequately secured


• Has trays and cupholders
• Made with an aluminum frame
• It has a lot of space for storage
• Can accommodate weight of up to 50 pounds
• One hand folding mechanism


• The canopy is not very large
• It may be difficult to assemble
• You need the tray to click in the car seat
• The fabric is of low quality

Graco Aire3 Travel System

Graco 3 wheel baby stroller with car seat

This 3 wheel baby stroller with car seat is an excellent option since it also takes careful consideration of the parents in its design. Having my cup of coffee while taking my baby on a stroll is something I enjoy but I usually don’t have anywhere to my cup. The cupholders on this stroller make this not only possible for convenient.

With safety also being another critical factor, the stroller comes with a harness which I was able to adjust between a 3-point and a 5-point. I also found the one-step brake system and the click connect a great addition to the stroller.

A lot of people consider folding their stroller only when it is time to store. With this stroller, since it is a lightweight stroller, it is easy to fold and carry around until you get home or to your car.

Features of the Graco Aire3 Click Connect

• The harness can be converted to either a 3-point or 5-point

• Cupholders for parents

• Secure and easy fit with a click connect

• It has a one-step brake system

• A storage space for your keys and phones

• Adjustable extension panel on the canopy


• Canopy is very large
• Can be set to different recline positions
• It has a removable armrest bar
• Has a storage basket
• Adjustable harness to suit the age of the child
• Padded seats and impact head support


• Complaints about the brakes getting broken after a few uses
• Back tires are big when compared to the front tires

Final Verdict

While some people look for strollers with speakers, basket, canopy and even food tray, I personally think that having the capability to attach a car seat is one of the most important consideration since I’m driving.

I would say these products are remarkable in their own distinct way. They both offer amazing features and are both constructed to suit your requirements regardless of what they might be.

However our clear winner and the editor’s choice of from these two, is the Graco Aire3 Click Connect Travel System. This is mainly because of the very large quality as well as its ample storage space. Asides from these, this 3 wheel baby stroller is more durable.

Nonetheless, anyone of these 3 wheel baby strollers with car seats is quite certain to the job efficiently for you.