6 Cool Stroller Accessories for Infants

Let’s all face it, strollers are a necessity when you have a baby. As helpful as having the best rated baby strollers is, every one of them has some sort of downfall; thankfully, there are products to help moms with their day-to-day life. Here are six cool stroller accessories you cannot leave home without.

1) Baby Buddy Secure-A-Toy Straps

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Does your child throw just about anything that is in reach? If you’re tired of constantly picking up toys and sippy cups that your child asks for and then immediately throws down, these straps are a must have!

You can attach these to your stroller and then use the buttons to secure your item in place. These stroller accessories work with closed handled sippy cup and bottles, ring toys, teething toys, and other items that you can fit. These straps are also good for car seats and high chairs.

There is a variety colors to choose from in case you like to color coordinate everything, which I am guilty of. They are machine washable, which is a big plus for any mom! One common downside to this product is having to find bottles or cups it fits around, but once you find one, it’ll make your daily routine so much easier! You can buy four of these amazing straps for under five dollars on Amazon.

2) Bear Necessaries stroller hooks

Stroller accessories stroller hooks

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Have you ever felt like your stroller just doesn’t have enough space for all the things you need? I personally don’t like that my diaper bag doesn’t fit into the bottom of my stroller. With the Bear Necessaries stroller hooks, you’ll be able to carry more while you’re out and about. These hooks can hold your purse, your diaper bag, shopping bags or anything else you need to carry that has a handle.

Using these hooks will help free your hands because no one likes to push a stroller with only one hand; it’ll also save your back and shoulders from carrying weight.

This product is made of high grade aluminum and has a soft grip, can hold up to sixty-six pounds and is spring loaded so it automatically locks itself into place. Bear Necessaries hooks fit onto any stroller or travel system.

If you purchase these stroller accessories off of Amazon (only $9.99 for a set of 2!), they have deals where you can buy multiple sets and get some free (let’s face it, what mom doesn’t like the word free?). These are a tiny but huge help for any parent, grandparent, and nanny.

3) Benbat Dazzle Friends Stroller Play Arch Rainbow Toy

stroller toy

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Oh my god, the children love this!

This next pick is not only convenient and useful, it’s also adorable! Whoever created this product knows what parents and babies like. If you don’t have access to strollers that face you, then your next best option is to provide lots of toys on the stroller.

The toy parts of this product have a lot of colors and textures; there’s a rattle with colorful squeaky toys to make noise. There is also dazzle effect created by natural light shining through processed material. This provides color effect and fascinating lights to catch your baby’s attention.

One con of this product is that your child may be able to pull the snack pouch off if they are strong enough. This would be a good idea for anyone that needs to keep a baby busy while out. You can score this cool product on Amazon for a little under twenty dollars.

4) Insulated Stroller Bag by Rumbi Baby

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If you don’t enjoy lugging a big, bulky diaper bag around, then this next item might be for you. This stroller organization bag is insulated, has zippered compartments, and side pockets for bottles and cups as well.

But, it’s not only for strollers, you can also use it as a diaper bag, small portable cooler, and it’ll even strap to the back of your seat in the car for a car organizer on long trips! If you’re tired of digging around in a diaper bag to find an item or you just want a smaller bag to keep the essentials in, definitely look into a stroller bag organizer. If you are a mummy who likes listening to music but does not have a stroller with speakers, you can also carry a portable one in this bag.

These stroller accessories can run up to forty dollars, which seems a little expensive, but it has a lifetime guarantee; if you don’t like the product or have some sort of malfunction, you can either replace the item with a new bag or get your money back!

While this is a very convenient product, one con is that if you have three or more children, you might not be able to fit all diapers and changes of clothes. This is why you need a stroller with storage space to fit your needs. It’s a good product for someone with one or two children; you’ll be able to easily access diapers, wipes, drinks, snacks, and even your phone!

5) Waterproof Weather and Insect Stroller Cover

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As fun as taking our little ones for walks can be, it’s not fun to try and protect them from weather and bugs. I live in the Pacific northwest, so this item is quite practical for me. For under fifteen dollars, you can get a clear stroller cover to keep baby safe from rain, snow, bugs and wind. You can choose a regular clear plastic cover, or for a few dollars more, you can choose one with mesh. Both covers are ventilated and clear so that your child’s view isn’t obstructed.

The company claims that they fit almost all strollers, while other parents have used an extra piece of Velcro to fit onto their stroller. Anyone can use these stroller accessories, but it’s a great idea for people who live in cold areas, areas with lots of rain, or areas where it snows a lot. This item also comes with a carrying bag to keep it from being punctured and is easy to fold.

6) Boppy Head and Neck Support

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This next pick is by far my personal favorite. As a parent, we’ve all heard of the Boppy brand, but usually about the Boppy nursing pillow. As a breastfeeding mother, my Boppy pillow has quickly become my best friend. The head and neck support by Boppy is a necessity for every parent in my opinion. You can use this support from an infant to a toddler.

Features of this product include: removable neck ring for just head support, removable head support as child grows, reversible from a cotton side to keep your child cool for summer to mink for keeping your child warm in the winter, it has been crash test approved, and also is machine washable. You can choose from different colors, which is always a plus.

You can easily take it from car seat to stroller. If your child likes to sleep at awkward angles, or just needs some extra head support, this product is a must have. It would also make a great baby shower gift for any new parent!

Tanya Robinson

Tanya Robinson is a first time mom, who stays at home with her baby girl. She is enjoying getting to know how to be a good parent and all the good tips and tricks. Tanya can’t wait to share her knowledge with you!