7 Factors to Consider when Buying a Stroller

Strollers are one of the main purchases parents have to make when a new infant arrives. The main aim of a stroller is keeping the kid safe and protected when traveling or walking around the town. Moreover, strollers make it convenient for caregivers to transport a toddler.

Moreover, for added advantage, some strollers are lightweight and small enough to snap into a car seat. The car seat strollers are good for caregivers who do not need many features and extra add-ons and just need a convenient and quick way of moving the child around.

Caregivers may have a difficult time on deciding which one to buy, even if presented with a list of best newborn strollers. Here are some of the top reasons to purchases a stroller. These reasons might help you come to the right decision.

1. Easy Handling

The small and lightweight design of a stroller makes it super easy to handle. Lots of strollers are very easy to push around and extremely easy to turn around corners. Also, many strollers have swivel wheels at the front that makes them much easier and simple to turn. In addition, since strollers are of a compact size, it’s easier to push them around a turn without bumping into anything.

a) One Handed Carrying

Some strollers have a weight of more than 30 pounds. These might be hand to handle with one hand. However, most strollers weight half as much as 30 pounds. Combined with the size of a car seat stroller, caregivers can easily get it in and out of a vehicle and set it up, and handle properly with one hand with no issues.

b) Height Adjustability

Most of the strollers have one height level for the handle. The height is convenient for most parents since many strollers are designed into a compact size. These strollers also feature a handle which can easily adjust up and down when it is unfolded. This makes it easy and convenient for parents of different heights to handle the stroller properly.

2. Convenience

Convenience is among the most vital features caregivers look for when it comes to purchasing any type of stroller. In case a stroller uses too much time to setup or to get the kid in and out, it is then more of a struggle than a convenience.

Moreover, having to struggle to fit a stroller into a vehicle or inside a house is also considered as a burden. Most of the strollers get rid of these problems.

In addition, a lot of strollers have a minimum, if no, extra buckles and harnesses. This means that a baby can be easily detached from a car seat and then placed in a stroller without taking much time. In addition, if the kid is irritable or asleep, the caregivers do not have to bother about placing the child securely on a stroller without wrestling with him or her.

Additionally, to the convenience of purchasing a stroller, caregivers should also consider the most convenient size of a stroller. If you like small size strollers, we recommend getting an umbrella stroller with canopy and basket because it is less bulky and easy to move around.

Size matters, especially when you are travelling and bringing strollers on airplanes. The small size makes it easy to travel with and store. It is also easy to move around with one hand too.

3. Safety

Another major concern of a stroller will be the safety of your child. Is your child protected from the impact of bumping and knocking on the road?

One such stroller that everyone should check out is the Britax B-Agile/B-Safe series Travel System. Britax is famous for their SafeCell Impact Protection system that not only has a base that compresses and absorb impact during a collision, but also deep foam-lined shell to protect against side impact.

There are also many other safety concerns to the strollers that many caregivers would consider. For example, let’s take car seat strollers. When moving your child from a car seat to the stroller and back, you will simply have to move the car seat thus minimizing the risk of injury. Additionally, clipping a car seat to a stroller base keeps your baby secure while in the stroller or in the road.

Strollers also provide a safe environment for the kid, with a safety harness, protective frame, and a sunshade. Wearing your kid has lots of advantages, but you also need to be cautious not to bump into dangerous things. Strollers also avoid the bending over which causes falling of babies.

Remember not to drink a hot liquid like tea or coffee, over a toddler in a stroller. It’s much easier to keep your toddler out of hazards. Enjoy your cup of coffee or tea at a table, with the kid safely off to the side.

4. Budget-friendly

Baby gear can at times get expensive. Purchasing one that isn’t compatible with your needs means that you have to purchase a new one now and then. This adds to lots of costs associated with the toddler. Many strollers are far cheaper than other baby gears.

This gives caregivers the opportunity to shop for any type of the stroller they would love to use through their baby’s life without making the right commitment when the kid is born. You can also consider buying a travel system. This is because it can be cheaper than purchasing all pieces separately. Many travel systems have strollers and convertible car seats that can grow with your kid, getting rid of the need to purchase additional strollers now and then. This can save you, even more, cash.

5. Longevity

Many strollers provide convertible adjustments that can grow with your kid. For example, many strollers let you attach a car seat for infants while still providing the regular stroller seat for babies.

6. Get some exercise

One of the main challenges that many moms face is getting into shape after giving birth to their kids. However, strolling provides one effective way to combine both quality time with exercise.

If you want to jog, you will need a specific stroller designed for jogging. Such stroller may include additional suspension system that protects the kid from dangerous jarring consequences while running. There are even some jogging strollers with speakers that lets you listen to music while running.

7. Style

Many manufacturers sell a full line of baby gear, so if you want a colorful print of you stroller matching your baby, you will definitely find it. A matching stroller will make you child the most stylish in the city.


Rather than dealing with lots of stroller accessories and add-ons, most parents choose strollers for their functionality and simplicity. It can be difficult for caregivers to decide what type of stroller is the best for their kids, so learning the drawbacks and benefits of each type of stroller can help them make the right decision.

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