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Our Family

Hi, My name is Alex Chua, the main author of this website. Like many of you, I am a mother who is continuously searching for the best parenting tips in order to learn more about child development.

A complete family is what makes life beautiful in the real sense. Having a loving family around you that would be by your side at all times to share your sorrows and celebrate your joys is the best thing to have. This is what family means, and this is what we have. We are a small family comprising of only three people. This includes my wife SeowHui, myself and our few-months-old baby Skyler. This little family is what makes the world for us.

We are a simple family. For us, Skyler is the center of our universe. There is nothing too flashy about our life. We lead simple lives which are focused on raising our baby in the best way possible. Also, we endeavor to provide our baby with everything that is within our reach. We are a regular family that cherishes the simple moments that life throws at us.

A day out with our baby, an evening spent in each other’s company, watching Skyler cross milestones and growing every single day make our life special. What many people do not realize is that there is something quite extraordinary in being ordinary, in being able to live life with no grandeur, and in cherishing simple moments with their family.

People tend to take their family for granted as they run after materialistic things. However, that is not the way we lead our lives. We ensure that we spend time together, playing Skyler’s favorite toddler games, and have meals together. Also, we ensure that we do not spend long periods without talking to each other. We make special plans for the weekend with stuff that would be of interest for all of us. It is with these simple gestures that we endeavor to keep our family close.

A stable family contributes a lot to the kind of person you become. It has a role to play in how the children grow up and how they lead their lives. Thus, for us, it is important to ensure that Skyler has a family that would always be there for her and that she would be able to fall back on.

My wife and I work hard to support the family. I am sure like every other working parent out there, we must face work-related problems occasionally. However, we ensure that when we cross the threshold of our house, we leave it all behind. The stress of work never interferes with our family time. At home, we are a great couple and even better parents. We try to ensure that our baby have all the comforts of the world.

As I mentioned before, there is nothing special about our family. It is the fact that we do not need to be special and are happy in our own little space that makes us stand apart. We are a close-knit family that loves to do things together and are present for one another. For us, happiness is spending some beautiful moments with our family. We are a family that loves to be with one another.