Best Baby Bassinet Reviews

We have compiled the top 5 best baby bassinet available in the market. In this guide, you will also learn how to choose a good bassinet for your newborns.

As a mother, there is nothing more beautiful that bringing your baby home for the first time. That wonderful feeling can quickly turn into stress and fear as we embark upon sleep time. This is especially true when you are unable to keep a constant eye on your precious and vulnerable baby. Well, that is unless you don’t sleep. I remember the first month with my eldest son I was continually looking over to make sure he was breathing. It was both joyful and terrifying.

As parents, we are in constant fear from all of the dangers of the possibilities that occur when your child. Especially when you are sleeping and this could not be more true than with unreliable sleep products. With so many options it is terrifying to think that picking the wrong bassinet could lead to scary scenarios such as SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), suffocation, overheating, falling, and entrapment.

During the first few months at least, with as vulnerable these little ones are and as often as they wake up during the night it is essential they be in arms reach. It is also recommended in a study published by the American Academy of Pediatrics to sleep in the same room with your baby until at least 4-6 months when they are at highest risk of SIDS. Finding the perfect safe product to enable you to room share is imperative. Bassinets have been shown to be safe and effective for all your sleep needs. Choosing the right bassinet could be one of the most important products you purchase for your baby. Here is a guide to help!


Top Rated Bassinets

Here are the best 5 bassinets according to mass consumers’ reviews. Their ratings are based on amounts purchased and reviews. *Note that Delta Children and Halo are in the top ten numerous times for easy understanding I only highlighted the top from each brand.


1. Sweet Beginnings Bassinet by Delta Children:

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This stationary but movable bassinet on wheels that can be locked at 33″L x 17″W x 45 “W. This adorable bassinet has a removable canopy hood and ruffles coming down the side. It has a neutral color scheme with a brownish gray detail of falling leaves that is neutral to match with a majority of design esthetics. It has two large storage compartments. This makes it easy for night time diaper changes and any additional needs. It offers a night light for easy access and a variety of soothing night time music. It does not offer mesh siding for breathability and easy visibility. The mattress is tight fitting and is the bedding is machine washable. It coincides with Delta Children’s motto to offer affordable options, as this bassinet costs slightly less than $50.


• It is stationary bassinet but has lockable wheels to make it easy to move.
• It has a removable canopy hood to help your little one’s developing eyes.
• The product has a removable mattress and bedding.
• It has storage compartments.
• It has a night light to check on your little one and for those fun night time diaper changes.
• The product has soothing music to soothe your baby and start bedtime cues for lasting bedtime routine.


• The sides are not transparent making it more difficult to check on your precious bundle of joy through the night.
• There are mixed reviews on how difficult it is to put together.
• Some reviewers say the product is flimsy and not long lasting
• It is designed for babies 15 lbs and lower, where some bassinet’s are for babies at least 20 lbs and lower.
• It has been reviewed that that canopy hood is difficult and loud to adjust.
• The height is not adjustable, which could make it difficult depending on the height of your bed if you want to be at eye level.
• Though the price is great, it has been reviewed to not be long lasting. Safety is put into question.


2. HALO Premiere Series Bassinet Swivel Sleeper

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There are four versions of the Halo Bassinet Swivel Sleeper all within the top 10 best baby bassinet available in the market. They are all very similar with just a few simple variances in features such as music, vibration, and colors. The Premiere Series is the second best bassinet and has been in numerous sites for being the top-rated bassinets for safety and features.

It’s appearance is simple, white with some gray details but for the most part the bassinet is transparent. It combos as a bassinet with co-sleeper options as it can be lowered to most bed levels and one of the sides can be slightly lowered for east access to your baby. It is incredibly sturdy with a four point base that can be partially tucked under a bed, and though the base does not move the bassinet swivels to 360 degrees and can be pushed further or closer to you for easy mobility.

This product has mesh siding that is both breathable and makes it visible for you. It has various music options that is quiet enough to not disturb your sleep but loud enough for your baby’s sensitive ears. It has a night light that shines on the outside of the bassinet for easy viewing for you and keeps your babies adjusting eyes protected. The product has two compartments at the ends to hold burp clothes, diapers, wipes, and smaller items. It has a easy to clean mattress that is tucked in tightly. It has a vibration setting to help your little one get to sleep.


• It can be lowered to bed level from 22’’ to 34’’ tall. This feature is so ideal to take advantage of the benefits of co-sleeping but is completely safe.
• It is breathable and easy to see your little one but also it is easy for them to see you. During a crucial bonding time, when your baby is most vulnerable this has both safety features but also makes them feel connected.
• It has music, lights, and vibration.
• The mattress is tucked tightly without any gaps.
• The mattress sheet is 100% polyester making it easy to wash and dry.
• The swivel makes it easy to adjust during the night.
• Neutral color scheme to make it matchable for any room.


• Though by far the safest options of the bassinets it is also the lease appealing to look at.
• The base is bulky and takes up a lot of space and some reviewers have said it is a tripping hazard.
• The mattress is a bit thin but as with most bassinets there is a 2” requirement for safety, so perhaps they need to make it more comfortable.
• The side to enable it to be a co-sleeper is a touch difficult to push down on, making more of a bassinet that levels to your bed then a co-sleeper.
• The Bassinet mattress is sold separately, but is quite affordable.


3. Graco Dream Suite Bassinet in Mason

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The Graco Dream Suite Bassinet has the sweet appearance of the Delta Sweet Beginnings with the hooded canopy but with much needed mesh siding for breathability. It is stable but can be transported with locked option wheels. This product is in a neutral light cream with sage green trim, that leaves anyone looking at it in instant baby love for it’s sweet appearance. It offers a soft mobile falling from the hooded canopy. The hooded canopy does not appear to be an option to remove or adjust which could be a bit more difficult to view your precious bundle at night. It also offers a vibration option. It also comes with a mattress but as most bassinet mattresses some parents have sited it is a bit thin. This cute bassinet also offers ample storage in the bottom of the bassinet in one large self.

What really sets the Graco bassinet apart is that it offers a convenient reversible diaper changing station. In order to use the diaper changing table you must completely turn over from the bassinet to turn into a diaper changing table, something that could be difficult for late night changes but convenient for when your little one is no longer in need of the bassinet. Reviewers have also sited that it is difficult to convert, especially at night when your patience is at its thinnest. It offers the bassinet for up to 15 lbs or for when your child can hold themselves up on their arms.

Diaper changing

The diaper changing option is optional for up to 30 lbs, though I will say from experience that there are many babies who are under 30 lbs and not only able to crawl but able to walk and it becomes more difficult to change diapers in general let along on a high up surface where they can easily wiggle off of. I would not recommend a high up diaper changing station when they are really rolling and of course crawling, and know many parents who have had the unfortunate experience of grabbing a wet wipe only to find their child had fallen off the table. When they really get moving you want a wider surface or even a simple diaper changing pad on the floor. So, though Graco might be selling this as a perk it seems inconvenient when needed and dangerous when the bassinet is no longer in use.


• A very sweet and precious appearance.
• Offers a hooded canopy.
• Mesh siding for safe breathability and visibility.
• Soft toy mobile, great for 2+ months.
• Offers a 2 speed vibration.
• Easy portability, but has lockable wheels.
• It is small and compact.


• Hooded canopy is not adjustable for quick night glances.
• Does not offer a light or music.
• Convertible diaper changing table is difficult to convert.
• Diaper changing table can be a safety hazard.
• Some reviewers sited the bassinet to be a bit wobbly.
• They do not offer mattress covers.


4. Arms Reach Concepts Clear In Vue Cocoa and Fern

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This simple bedside bassinet is wrapped in a cocoa color with fern or green trim. It has sturdy frame but is yet movable and lays on four castor wheels. It has leg extensions to adjust to different bed heights to enable you to literally be within arms-reach to your little one. There is mesh siding for safe breathability and easy visability. It has one large storage basket at the bottom of the bassinet, convenient for burp clothes and diapers.


• Adjustable leg extensions make it easy to be leveled and keep your little one within arms-reach with your little one.
• The mesh siding has a recommended safety feature of breathability and visability.
• It is portable and easy to move with lockable wheels.
• It is recommended for up to 5 months, or when they are able to lift themselves up on their arms.


• It is reviewed to be not easy to assemble.
• Does not contain any additional features such as music, lights, or vibration.
• The deep cocoa and fern green lining make it a bit of an eye sore, unless that is exactly what you are looking for.
• There is no separation in the large storage compartment.
• Some reviewers have commented that once assembled they felt the bassinet was a bit wobbly and they didn’t feel comfortable putting their little one in the bassinet.
• With its stark colors it is not the easiest to match.


5. Summer Infant Classic Comfort Wood Bassinet in Bedtime Blossom

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Summer Infant describes this bassinet well, a bassinet with a timeless look. This bassinet is contained in a dark cherry frame with a padded bottom shelf and a cream padded bassinet and hooded canopy with light pink details. It is quite precious. The hooded canopy is adjustable and offers a variety of melodies from nature sounds to an imitation of your heart beat. It is on lockable wheels for easy transportation. As with a majority of the bassinets it is for babies 15 lbs and under, or until they can hold themselves up on their arms. It offers a padded mattress and from all the bassinets it looks the most comfortable with hooded sides. That being said the padded sides could be a SIDS risk as there is no option for breathability in case they roll to one of the sides.


• Offers a precious feminine classic design.
• It is portable but sturdy.
• The hooded canopy is adjustable.
• Looks to be the most comfortable option.
• Offers a variety of melodies.


• Reviewers said wood chips easily.
• It does not change levels.
• Does not leave for easy visability.
• Sides are not breathable and could pose a risk for SIDS.


Best Bassinet Brands

Along with the assortment of types of bassinets and their features there is a variety of brands to consider when thinking about purchasing that perfect bassinet. Brands really do make a difference and just looking on the internet, you will see the same brand just slightly varied in model which can make it difficult to sort through. Most of the brands are general baby brands but brands like HALO Bassinets, Delta Children, and Arms Reach are focused on making bassinets and everything for sleep.

As a mother I feel that it makes a difference to have brands that are sleep bassinet focused. Also, after a lot of research I have found they have the least amount of recalls. It is important to go with brands know regulations, safety hazards, and are passionate about the product they produce first and foremost rather that a jack of all trades that to try to cover the market. I am not saying the bigger brands are necessarily bad but when it comes to bassinets, one of the most important purchases, I would go with focused brands.

Delta Children

Delta Children is focused on providing cribs, bassinets, bedding, and baby furniture. This well-known sleep company was founded in 1968 by Louis Shamie Sr. who was inspired by his own life as a parent. Their motto “To offer stylish children’s products backed by quality and safety, at every prices every family can afford.”
They have a sister company of baby gear under a different of name called Simmons Kids and license gear out to big names such as Disney, Nickelodeon, Marvel, Dreamworks, Serta, and Sesame Street.

They commit to safety standards and work with leading safety organizations. After a lot of research there hasn’t been any major recall of products since 2012 due to fabric that was not flame retardant. Some parents say their fabric still has a off putting smell, which could be because of the fabric they are using.

Something to be well aware, and made me a bit weary is that many of Delta Children’s bassinets sides are not breathable, or offer easy visibility. They also do not list which safety organizations they work with for testing.

One thing to love about Delta Children is that a percentage of all their proceeds and products are donated to charity to families who cannot afford baby furniture such as bassinets.

HALO Bassinet

HALO Bassinet says it all in the title they are all about bassinets and everything relating to bassinets, sleeping, and safety which as a parent is a giant win to see a concentrated focus. Their mission “At HALO, our commitment is to always put babies’ safety first by developing innovative products that set new standards for the safety and improved health of sleeping infants; bringing peace of mind to one’s home.” This dream company is all about safety and it is all of their website.

Story behind the brand

They were founded in 1991 by Bill Schmid and his wife Cathy who unfortunately lost their daughter Haley to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and wanted to prevent anyone from having that experience. This couple has fought tirelessly to create health standards and regulations and then began to create products. They also created the very popular HALO Sleep Sack, the wearable blanket that is offered in over 1500 hospitals in North America.

Their research has set many standards for bassinets including the recommendation of sleeping close to your baby all while keeping a safe environment. Along with their work with numerous hospitals around North America they work with organizations such as Cribs for Kids, CJ First Cradle, Canadian Infant Sleep Safe and more.

They also donate a portion of their proceeds to safe sleep education to fight SIDS.

Graco Baby

Graco is one the they most well-known brands for baby products. You probably have seen them plastered on many car seats and strollers. They have been around for over 60 years and were founded in 1953 by two engineers and fathers Rex Thomas and David Saint. Their first product was the first innovative baby swing to solve the problem of not having to rock your baby, which was really pure genius. They also invented Pack N’ Plays the portable play yards and set the standards for quick travel with their car seats. Their motto: “Built from a heritage of innovation designed around safety and durability.”

Trusted brand

They have numerous awards on their site but bassinets are not one of them. They are the goliath of baby products and as a result have numerous products ranging from car seats, strollers, bouncy chairs, Pack N’ Plays, cribs, bassinets, and all the gear to match. With this magnitude of products, they are bound to have some hiccups in their design. Though their bassinets have not been recalled they do have a page on their site dedicated to product recalls. The winning amount goes to bouncy chairs, but there are recalls on cribs, strollers, car seats, and Pack N’ Plays.

They also have a page dedicated to awards and when purchasing baby products I always have seen them on award lists. This is one brand I would highly recommend doing research on for what product you buy as they are experts at some. It goes back to the question, is it better to buy bassinets from companies that specialize in just bassinets, or a well-established company for everything?

Arms Reach Co-Sleeper Bedside Bassinet

This specialty bassinet company was founded in 2006 and created by mothers and fathers who understood the laundry list of co-sleeping benefits but wanted to do it safely. They knew that parent’s beds were not a ideal environment and created Arms Reach Co-Sleeper Bedside Bassinet so that your baby would be just that, within arm’s reach. Their motto: “Sleep better-Sleep closer-Sleep safer”.

Graco’s products are simple, safe, and are more co-sleeping focused versus room sharing focused. Their products are built for parent and baby bonding and beneficial for breastfeeding mothers to be in arms reach.

They are still new compared to the other brands and have only received a couple of listed awards for their products. They offer mainly breathable bassinets which is refreshing to see after SIDS has been linked to siding that is not breathable. There has only been one recall in 2011 on one of their models due to a side of the fabric collapsing which led to some babies falling. There have been no known recalls since then.

Summer Infant

Summer Infant is another well-established and award winning name for all around baby products. They were founded in 1985 by William Lockett III who invented the Bouncy Seat to solve the age-old problem of being able to have your hands free and keep your child safe. His invention for his daughter sparred a series of products.

Their mission “Summer Infant is dedicated to developing the safest and most innovative products that stand the test of time.” They pride themselves on working with pediatricians, lactation consultants and child development experts. They seem to offer just about everything from baby monitors, bath gear, swaddles, cribs, car seats, high chairs, strollers and everything in between.

They products are thoughtfully adorable and have been award winning. Just as any large, spread out company though there are bound to be some mishaps and they do have a page dedicated to recalled products. I have many Summer Infant products and have nothing but positive experiences, but again when it comes to the most vulnerable time of their life when you can’t watch them continuously you might think about going with a focused bassinet company.


How to choose the best baby bassinet ?

There are a slew of bassinets, with different kinds of features, and focused on different needs. Here are somethings to think about.
Portable Bassinets: They are just as they sound, portable. These bassinets are ultra-convenient so they can be moved from room to room or even just across the room. They can convenient to transition your little one to their own room when you are they are ready.

Hooded Canopy Bassinets

Hooded canopy bassinets offer a cover over their head. With babies still sensitive to direct light the hooded canopies were created, and they are pretty precious to look at. The hooded bassinets are a great solution offer some coverage for their developing eyes. The hoods on bassinets can make it more difficult parents to quickly glance and see how their little one is doing, so with hooded bassinets it’s important to ensure that they are adjustable or even removable.

The Cradle Bassinet

These basinets are significantly lower that bed level. They offer rails like on a crib and rock side to side to help your little one get to sleep. Cradle bassinets are one of the oldest models of bassinets and something with that history you know is reliable. They are adorable, however can be a bit back breaking and small.

Stationary Bassinets

These bassinets are sturdy but adjustable. You can often adjust the level to fit the level of your bed. Though they are not as easy to move as the portable bassinets they sometimes are on wheels. Some also offer hoods. The adjustable bassinets can be convenient for nursing mothers or simply parents who want to safely co-sleep with their little ones without bed sharing.

The Co-sleeper Bassinet

This unique bassinet does not always stand alone. The co-sleeper bassinet is a beautiful option to sleep right next to parents without actually being in the bed. The bassinet attaches to your bed with one side lower or flat and the other three heightened for safety. It makes night nursing sessions easy to have your little one in arms reach.


Safety Features And Add-Ons

With the different options here are some recommended features and safety features and add-ons to look for:

Breathable and Easy Visibility

It is strongly recommended that four sides offer proper ventilation with mesh siding. As a result, and additional benefit of mesh siding the sides should be transparent for easy visibility. Ventilation is essential for safety as your little one could get wedged on one of the sides of the bassinet and you want to ensure they can breathe. You also never know when they might start rolling, even on one side. Of course, the ability to look into your baby with a quick glance is utterly priceless.

Sturdy but Moveable If Needed

All parts need to be solid, and not at all shaky or at all collapsible. There have been bassinets that have had fabric that has been to collapsible and babies have fallen out, and thus were recalled. If you receive a bassinet and it is at all wobbly, return it immediately. However, though you want a bassinet that is sturdy it is convenient to have it moveable. There are different definitions of what they might mean. Many bassinets are on lockable wheels and can be pushed when needed. There are also bassinets that are sturdy and have solid bases but offer the ability to swivel to where you need.

GapLESS and Tight Bedding

This by far one of the most important things to look for. A common trait unfortunate cases of SIDS, are babies expectantly rolling over and getting stuck in the gaps. This is terrifying and can be prevented by simply making sure that you are unable to fit your fingers between the bassinet and the mattress. Tight bedding in general is imperative when looking at bassinets.

Bedding is Machine Washable

Between spit up and some diapers that no matter how well you think you put them on, still have leakage you will want washable bedding. I promise, you will thank me later. Keep this in mind when you are looking at fabrics that could shrink, i.e. cotton.


These are not necessary but oh my goodness are they nice to have. Many bassinets have sound features to help your little one fall asleep. It’s recommended to find a bassinet with various sound options one to see what works for your precious baby but also for you, as you will be listening to it night after night. Sound is also emphasized to help with sleep training in the future, if your little one is accustomed to hearing a certain song at night then it will be easy to transition when they are ready for their crib.
Mobiles are not useful for the first month as babies cannot see that far but after the first month it could be nice to have as they learn to put themselves to sleep.


Vibrating bassinets can be beneficial and a bit scary, the first time you put on the vibrating mode you might think shaking baby syndrome? After many hours of rocking your little one the vibrating feature may be convenient to have to get them back to sleep without having to rock them.


Lights during the night are one I highly recommend. Your little one has many needs during the night from diaper changes, to feedings, spit ups, and of course ensuring they are in a safe position makes having a small lights on your bassinet a asset. As they are still learning the difference from day time to night time you want to encourage this transition and have a small light on your bassinet enables you to take care of their needs without having to turn on every major light in your house out of hysteria (it happens all to often).


You would not believe how many times your little one spits up within the first few months and how many burp clothes or clothes for clean up you will go through in general. I recall many times when I was nursing my little one and got spit up everywhere and the last thing you want to do is have to get up and go to another room to spread the love. Of course have diapers on hand is a life saver when it is 3am and you are barely functioning. The less distance you have to go, the better you will sleep!


Final Verdict

After reviewing all of the bassinet options I went with the HALO Swivel Sleeper Bassinet. It was by far rated the safest, and was easy to keep in arms reach of my bed side. Thus I was able to nurse my little one. Safety was the important thing to my husband and I. Therefore it was one area that we were willing to spend a little bit more money. Our son slept well through the night and I was able to glance over (which seemed frequent) to ensure that he hadn’t rolled over and was in a comfortable and safe position.

One observation to note, with my son he would naturally gravitate to me, and it wouldn’t matter if we put him directly in the center of the bassinet within in a hour he was wedged right next to my side. The connection between us seemed to be magnetic, even in his sleep; so the mesh siding was critical for his safety and I could not imagine if we did not have it.

The music options were also perfect, and now that he is sleeping in his own room we were able to transition him with the same melodies that were offered on the HALO bassinet. The light offered was frequently used without blinding him especially during those not so fun night time diaper changes. We did not use the vibration option, but we were a bit protective of his precious head.

If I have to find fault…

The only complaint we had was the base is a bit bulky and took a lot of space which I did stub my toes on more than once. We never questioned if the bassinet would collapse, it was incredibly sturdy and easy to adjust as needed. As for its appearance, it was transparent and simple. There are so many bassinets that you want to swoon over due to their adorable appearance. With so many options like hooded canopies and mobiles it can get easy to get lost in what is important. For us the HALO bassinet was not as eye catching as some. But again it’s safety and features more than made up for it. From one parent to another, I highly recommend it.



Anna C

Anna is the main author of this website. Like many of you, she is a mother who is continuously searching for the best parenting tips in order to learn more about child development.