Best Crib Mattress Protector Pad by Margaux & May

Why do we need a good mattress protector?

When it comes to night time diaper leaks and accidents, having a good and effective product to help prevent damage to your child’s crib mattress is a must. A quality crib mattress can be an expensive purchase and often your child continues to use it when they become a toddler and transition out of their crib. With leaks and accidents being an unavoidable part of having children, a good mattress protector will help keep your crib mattress in great shape for the years to come.

Not only can a good mattress protector save your crib or toddler mattress, but it can also help save your sanity. When diaper leaks or accidents occur, it is often overnight when a child has longer stretches of sleep. If you have a heavy night time wetter or the time has come to begin potty training, it is inevitable that leaks will happen at some point. A good mattress protector can assure you that your child’s mattress won’t be ruined.

A good mattress protector also helps by making late night diaper and bedding changes a breeze. For this reason, having multiple mattress protectors on hand is a good idea so that there is always a spare for when one is washing. It’s important to find a good mattress protector that is reasonable in price so that you don’t have to buy and try numerous different protectors and waste your time, money, or crib mattress.


Ultra Soft Waterproof Crib Mattress Protector Pad

From Bamboo Rayon Fiber by Margaux & May

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Crib mattress protectors don’t just protect from wetness. Another practical reason to invest in a good quality crib mattress protector is to help protect your mattress and baby from allergens. Due to the porous nature of mattresses, they can be the perfect place for attracting dust mites and other types of bacteria. If a mattress does indeed get wet, the material can easily protect and encourage the growth of mold. All of these things can irritate your child’s skin, breathing, or make them sick. A mattress protector will help you avoid these health concerns because you can easily remove and wash them.

A good protector is simple enough to take off, easy to put back on the mattress, able to hold up well through repeated washings, and snugly fits without bunching for your child’s safety. Overall, a mattress protector helps to save and extend the life of your child’s mattress for years to come.


About the brand: Margaux and May

There are numerous companies out there that produce mattress protectors but Margaux and May stand out for a few reasons. The company’s mission is to produce children’s products that are not only stylish, but they also promise that they use the highest quality materials and provide complete customer satisfaction. When it comes to their bamboo mattress pads, they actually offer a lifetime replacement guarantee. This definitely gives parents peace of mind when purchasing children’s products through this company. This guarantee shows that they stand by their products’ ability to last a long time as well as work as advertised.


Features of this Crib Mattress Protector

Extra Soft, Quilted Top

Margaux and May’s crib mattress protector is one of many choices available on the market. However, they have several really great features that lend themselves to the company’s promise of high quality standards. First, this crib mattress protector is widely known for its extra soft and cushioned quilted top. While you’re child isn’t sleeping directly on the mattress protector, it is nice to know that there is attention to detail in the way the outer portion of it is designed.

The terry cloth top allows for a comfortable surface beneath sometimes thin, fitted crib sheets. It also adds an extra layer of protection. Despite this cushioning, the material is still really breathable, which is an important safety feature for your child.

Another benefit to having the feature of a more cushioned, quilted top layer is noise reduction. There is nothing worse than finally getting your child to sleep and having them wake up shortly after. It can be especially frustrating when they wake up to something as simple as the crinkle noise of plastic underneath them. A must when it comes to purchasing a crib mattress protector is to find one that is both waterproof but doesn’t feel plastic-like. This particular mattress protector accomplishes that by having the waterproof layer beneath the softer fabric found on the top.

Unique Materials

Another great feature of the Margaux and May protector is that it is made with bamboo rayon fiber instead of traditional cottons or polyesters. What makes this unique is that bamboo has amazing qualities that are perfect for making the protector more effective. Bamboo is great for absorbing moisture. So if your baby does have an accident, the bamboo material helps to keep moisture away from your child’s skin.

Another benefit of this mattress protector using bamboo material is its ability to absorb moisture in the form of perspiration. If your child tends to run hot while sleeping then choosing a product made with bamboo might be the right choice for their bedding. This material can help to keep your baby sleeping at night simply by keeping them cool and dry. It also protects the crib mattress from perspiration by absorbing it and drawing it away from the skin.

Bamboo also has wonderful antifungal and antibacterial properties, making it a great choice for a product that comes into contact with bodily fluids. It can help give parents the peace of mind they are looking for when purchasing an item that is used so often and in such close contact with their child. Parents will know that their child’s mattress will not be harboring any bacterial or mold growth that washing may otherwise be unable to remove.

Practical Design

This crib mattress protector is also made with a very practical design. It has elasticized edging all the way around, similar to other fitted bed sheets. This makes it easy to stretch around the crib mattress, as well as easy to remove. The company boasts that their extra deep, nine inch pocket corners all the way around will help improve the mattress protector’s fit. While standard crib mattresses are at most only six inches thick, having an extra deep pocket size allows this protector to wrap around the mattress completely. This ability helps to avoid the product from coming loose while your child is sleeping or riding up on the sides of the mattress which can be a safety hazard.

Machine Washable and Easily Dried

When leaks occur and the mattress protector gets wet it can very easily be cleaned. A great feature of this product is that it can be washed and then dried in the dryer. It is recommended that it be dried only on a very low heat setting though so as not to damage the waterproofing. However, it is nice to have a waterproof product that can easily be machine dried rather than hung to dry. This means that you don’t have to wait hours and hours for your mattress protector to dry. As long as you follow the manufacturer’s directions, it can be cleaned thoroughly without worrying that you are damaging the protector.

Quality Materials

Another great feature of this product is that it is made with high quality materials. While most crib mattress protectors state that they are, the Margaux and May protector makes good on this by using waterproof material that is BPA, phthalate, latex, and lead free making it an extremely safe option for your child. Many crib mattress protectors are sold as regular or organic, with the organic option typically being a bit more expensive for that option. This crib mattress protector is mindful of the materials being used while still selling at a price that is reasonable.

best crib mattress protector


The Goods and Bads


• Noise free waterproofing to keep from waking baby
• Machine washable and dryer safe on low heat settings
• Elasticized, deep pocketed bed skirt for easy and snug fit
• Easily put the mattress protector back onto the mattress
• Lifetime replacement guarantee from the company Margaux and May
• Bamboo fiber layer very effective at absorbing moisture and protecting against harmful bacteria growth
• Ultra-soft quilted top
• BPA, Phthalate, latex, and lead free


• Waterproofing has a plastic-like look and feel underneath the quilted top
• Dryer has to be a super low heat to not melt the waterproof liner


Close Alternative Product

Another popular choice of mattress protectors is the American Baby Company waterproof fitted crib sheet. This mattress protector has a similar price point as the Margaux and May protector as well as a similar design but with a few key differences.

This crib mattress protector has elastic edges like the Margaux and May protector for a good, tight fit. It is also made to cover mattresses up to the standard crib mattress size of six inches thick. The quilted top is made of a soft polyester for softness and comfort. One drawback of this material though is that it often pills after repeated washing. Beneath the quilted top is a layer made of a waterproof vinyl.

Another drawback is that vinyl often has a strong smell that can be difficult to remove. Even after washing multiple times, an almost chemical like smell can linger simply from the material that’s used. Another drawback of the American Baby Company crib mattress protector is that overall it is thinner than the Margaux and May mattress protector. The plastic lining doesn’t seem to hold up quite as well in the long run when washed and dried.

Overall, the American Baby Company’s fitted crib mattress protector has all the qualities a parent could want in their mattress protector. It has a secure fit, quilted top for softness and noise reduction, as well as waterproofing that can be machine washed and dried. Unfortunately, as I’ve seen with numerous mattress pads over the years, after multiple washes the tiny pills of fabric tend to get everywhere and the material loses some of its softness. It is a close choice but the product doesn’t mention whether the materials used are BPA, phthalate, or latex free.

They are, however, lead free.


Final Opinion

After comparing, most waterproof crib mattress protectors are very similar. The details that differentiate them are small ones but, depending on what your preferences are, may make all the difference. The Margaux and May crib mattress protector is one of my favorites for a few reasons. First, the fact that it is made with bamboo rayon fibers, rather than only polyester is great. Bamboo is much more effective at absorbing moisture and helping to keep moisture away from your child’s skin. Even though it is super absorbent, it also has antibacterial properties so you don’t have to worry about the material becoming ruined in a relatively quick amount of time.

Margaux and May also use safe materials in the construction of their mattress protector. The fact that it is free from so many harmful things is an important concern for many parents. Being able to know that a product that your child sleeps on every night is free from BPA and phthalates, as well as lead and latex free, sets it apart from other similar products that may be competing simply on overall design.

Lifetime warranty

Lastly, the company offers a lifetime replacement guarantee. This shows that they are very confident about the quality of their crib mattress protector. This helps to assure you of your purchase. With such relatively similar items on the market at so many different price points it can be difficult to know if what you are getting is truly a quality product. Should anything happen to your mattress protector and if it doesn’t hold up to normal wear and tear the way Margaux and May promise, then they will replace it.

I would recommend this product to other parents searching for a quality crib mattress protector. I also think it would be a great option for anyone who is looking for gift ideas for expectant moms.

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