Top Rated Jogging Strollers 2022


Following the previous article about best baby strollers, this is yet another guide one to choose the best running stroller for active parents. Some strollers are designed for serious runners and others are for those who want to jog from here and there. They are designed to provide stability and limit the jarring impacts. To accomplish this, they have various mechanisms in place.

Below is a list of jogging stroller comparison that Parent’s Rights USA has researched on and are more appropriate for serious runners who want to keep their routine of running without worrying about their little ones being around.

5 Top Rated Jogging Strollers for Runners

1. Baby Trend Expedition Jogger

top rated jogging stroller

This infant running stroller will save you quite a lot of cash while you get some good features of it. Its quality and firmness are a bit low compared to the ones of BOB and Joovy Zoom but it is a jogger that can last you many miles.

Jogging stroller for infant and toddler

Its features include a wheel with a diameter of about 16 for front and 12 for rear real rubber pneumatic tires which prove an easy maneuvering process, convenient and spacious parent tray which contains two cup holders and a covered compatible storage. Also a child tray with two cup holders which makes it comfortable when on an errand, it also accept car seat to form a travel system, multi-position padded seat, effortless trigger folder which decreases the stroller to a compact unit, adjustable 5-point safety harness and tether strap, footrest reflectors which lower light visibility to the child, great storage basket, the frame construction steel is light, presence of adjustable canopy  cover which prevents the wind and sun rays from reaching the child.

  • It is recommended for 6m- 50lbs or upto 42 inches tall.
  • Most buyers say they love it because of its maneuverability. It provides a smooth ride and it is such a breeze to many. Others say it’s a bit bulky.


  1. Easily adjustable
  2. Easy to maneuver
  3. Long lasting
  4. Provide a smooth ride
  5. Easy to set up


  1. It lacks shocks and sling style seat to absorb the bumping actions around

2. BOB Revolution Flex

best double jogging stroller

It is a bit more expensive compared to other cheap jogging strollers but it is actually worth the premium price. It has unique features. This include: swiveling front wheel which swivel to maneuver tight and meandering turns with ease, air filled tires on increased impact polymer wheels which provides a smooth run on both off road and on road, 9 level adjustable padded handle bars which can fit any parent when pushing it, great storage bin with a reclining seat.

The Best Jogging Stroller currently in the Market

It also has a state of the art adjustable suspension system which offers 3 inches of travel and a 2 stages of weight support, the stroller canopy is also big and enough to prevent the baby from sun rays and rain on longer runs. The canopy also has a large viewing window which allows you to check on your little one. Though it doesn’t have any cup holders, you can purchase an accessory adapter which allows quick and easy attachment of BOB infant car seat adapter or adapter tray,

  • This BOB is recommended for kids from 8 weeks old up to 75 pounds.
  • Most buyers love this because it is easy to run with and also good for any outing. But some do disapproves it because its canopy cannot stay pull down for long hence interfering with the baby due to too much sun’s penetration and the constant reclining seat which cannot stay up right even after trying your best to tighten it up.


  1. Large canopy that prevents sun rays from getting into the baby.
  2. Long lasting and sturdiest.
  3. Real inflatable rubber tires and easy to run with.
  4. Easy to fold and pack it.


  1. Cumbersome to lift and carry.
  2. Cannot self-stand when folded.
  3. Storage bins are a bit small for bigger dreams.

3. Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller

 best jogging stroller for toddler

It is a pocket friendly product and is more affordable than the other running strollers out there. It is as good as BOB revolution flex. Has great features that attract you a lot. This include: large pneumatic front tire (12 inches and rear 16 inches) wheels which provide smooth ride and shock absorbent ride, the front wheel swivel and increase the maneuverability, has a huge canopy which has a big window for you to check on your young one, has a comfortable seat, large storage basket, cup holders, a center compartment for keeping your phone and keys, it also has pockets in the seating area for your baby.

The Best Jogging Stroller for Toddler

It also has a rain cover which keeps the toddler dry along the way (it is sold separately). The locking swivel wheel has no adjustable tracking. This forces one to use a lot of effort to keep it on track. As long as you are under 6’ 2” tall, this is the best option for you.

  • The recommended weight capacity is 75 lbs.
  • What buyers say, is that the product is good but the absence of an adjustable tracking system at the wheel leaves one with a jogger that is hard to keep on track.


  1. Large pneumatic tires ensure a smooth run for the child and mum.
  2. The presence of large canopy protects your child against strong sun rays and a great viewing window helps you to check on your child.
  3. The front wheel allows for easy maneuverability.
  4. It is versatile and durable.


  1. It is a bit heavy making it unfit for quick trips
  2. Some say it is hard to put it together and the instructions manual are not detailed
  3. Handled bars are not ergonomically angled which tend to increase wrist strain under long runs




 4. Thule urban glide

best jogging stroller for runners

The Best Jogging Stroller for Runners

This product is a little more expensive. However, top rated jogging strollers like this are really worth it due to presence of its unique features such as: Swivel front wheel which eases the maneuverability, padded seat with well vented top reclines and gives the baby a little bit comfort of taking a nap, rear suspension for a smooth ride, ergonomic handle bars with range of heights to suit different heights of parents and provide comfort when riding it, large storage bins with zippered water proof material, a one handed compact fold for storage and transportation of it. It also possesses a multi-positioning canopy for baby protection with a viewing window on it for checking on the baby.

 Stroller weight is 23 lbs.

  • Thule urban glide is best used by a kid from birth with an infant car seat and an adapter up to 75lbs (about 5years old).
  • Most buyers approve of this because it is very light and you can run for many miles before you become exhausted. Also, it’s reclining is great because it allows your sweet baby to lay down flat and take a nap.


  1. It is a tough jogger and good for everyday errands with awesome run- ability
  2. It is lightweight


  1. Undercarriage storage basket is waterproof but to get your diaper in or out is very difficult.

5. Baby jogger summit X3 single stroller

best rated jogging strollers

This is an awesome jogger with its price going up to about$450. It is almost like the Joovy Zoom though its price is double that of Joovy Zoom. This product is a mash-up of jogger style with traditional strollers. It has got wonderful features namely:  adjustable 5 point safety harness with shoulder pads, handle brake which offers increased control for added safety on hilly terrain, independent suspension system and the padded seat which reclines to an almost flat position.

The Top Rated Jogging Strollers

The seat is also vented at the top with weather cover which increases airflow within the stroller when reclined. It also possesses large and adjustable canopy cover with a humble window for checking on your little one, the material made of it is easy to clean in case of food spillage on it by your baby. Has a seat back storage compartment, big under seat compartment that you can stuff in a diaper bag. This product is also easy to fold and store it.

Stroller weight is 28 lbs.

  • This stroller is recommended for babies from birth with an infant car seat and an adapter of up to 75 lbs.
  • Some parents say that though the stroller pushes well while on the process of jogging, it gets tiresome sometimes in trying to hold the handle steady.


  1. The fabric used to manufacture it is easy to clean and maintain.
  2. Has a huge canopy and a large storage bin for stuffing in the diaper


  1. The price is a bit steep.
  2. Holding the handle steady gets tiresome after some time.
  3. It is somehow heavy

How to Choose the Best Running Stroller?

A good jogging stroller should have the following important features.

First and foremost, it should have Large and locking front wheel. The diameter should be at least 12 inches and upwards of up to 15-18 inches which will provide you with a good stability and an easy maneuverability over rough terrains such as rocky areas, areas with curbs and even sidewalk seams. Also, they should be knobbier and this helps you to keep traction when using the hand brake on loose grounds. Also, knobbier tires provide you with better lateral stability when driving on uneven grounds such as those of dirt and gravel. Some jogging strollers have a wheel that is permanently locked in place which ensures the stroller stays on the path no matter what the wheel encounters. Some have a front wheel that swivels and this eases on the maneuverability.

Secondly, a jogging stroller should have adjustable handle bars. This ensures its suitability to different heights of the riders. This feature provides an ergonomic and appropriate running positions. It limits injuries and discomfort to your back. Models such as Thule urban glide and Baby Trend Expedition gives you an angled handle bar that provides you room to place your hands and wrist at an appropriate position.

Thirdly, it should have some form of the wheel suspension. This helps in absorbing the shocks from the bumpy road and reduces the jolting effects downhill for the stroller and the baby. Options with suspension tend to be a bit expensive but better safety than danger.

Other Features of Top Rated Jogging Strollers

Like all other standard strollers, the canopy is a must. This feature should be present and should be big enough to ensure the baby is covered from sun rays and the wind blows. It should also have a window for you to keep checking on your little one anytime you want.

Reclining seat is also an important feature. It ensures that the baby takes a nap any time he or she wants when the sear is reclined to a flat position

It should also have a safety tether. Leash that circles your wrist and it attaches to the stroller in case you miss a grip on the handle.

It should also have a five point harness. This will keep your baby secure in case of a sudden jolt of the stroller.

Brakes also is another important tool. This helps every time you come to a stop. Some strollers also have a hand brake to help in slowing down the stroller.

Other features to look for in a stroller are the cup holders for the parent and the baby, storage bins should be big enough to allow stuffing in of diaper bag.

Final Verdict

As explained above, the choice that I will always consider as the best stroller for me is Thule Urban Glide. This is because it is a tough jogger and good for everyday errands with an awesome run- ability. The stroller is also light. This stroller also gives you an angled handle bar that provides you room to place your wrist at a more appropriate and comfortable position. It also has a high-performance score of about 84 percent. I have used it for three kids and this product has never disappointed me and my children are also very happy with.

If you are still wondering on which one to choose please select Thule Urban Glide and you will never regret.

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