Best Twin Strollers with Car Seats

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Twin Strollers with Car Seats

If you have a pair of twins, you will definitely wish to be able to give them equal amount of attention when travelling outside. If that’s the case for you, then the obvious solution is to get a side by side double stroller!

They are also known as twin strollers because it is most suitable for twins or siblings with similar weights. Having both children sitting side by side allows them to have the same view of the outside world. Although wider in width as compared than their tandem counterparts, they usually provide better stability when travelling on and off road. This is the reason why most double jogging strollers are side by side instead of front to back.

Contrary to some beliefs, some of the most popular strollers for twin with car seats are actually less bulky and lighter than tandem strollers. They are also easier to fold, and thus take up lesser space when compact.

1) BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Duallie Stroller

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Finding twin strollers with car seats that are ideal for off-road and on-road jogging is difficult. If you need a versatile stroller that can survive all these tests and that can serve urbanites and outdoor enthusiasts alike during nice long walks and vigorous training sessions, the Bob 2016 Revolution Flex Duallie Stroller is the ideal fit. This versatile stroller by Bob will serve all your strolling needs and keep your family active for many years to come.

Versatile Stroller

It is the most versatile and one of the best double jogging stroller out there as you can easily use it when strolling in parks, on the streets, or in any other tight spot. The front wheel of the stroller swivels to give you increased maneuverability as you move through various terrains smoothly. The wheel is also lockable to give you better control and lets you adjust. The stroller is ideal when jogging on rough terrains as you can lock the front wheel for better grip and control. Trails, boardwalks, and beaches pose no difficulty for this stroller as it takes on all terrains aptly.

Adjustable Handlebars

The stroller also features a fully adjustable handlebar that offers nine different positions. This feature is useful so that people of different heights can get a perfect fit. You don’t have to lean down, and you can jog or walk in your normal stance when using this stroller by simply adjusting the handlebar. Not only can you adjust the handlebar, but you can also adjust the seat angle of the stroller.


  • Swiveling lock on the front wheel lets you maneuver the stroller in tight turns and lock the wheel for stability on rough terrains.
  • The handlebar is adjustable and fully padded to offer convenience and comfort to the parents.
  • The stroller features adjustable state-of-the-art suspension system that offers extra support and smoothness to make the ride as pleasant as possible for your kids.
  • Storage and transportation of the stroller are convenient with the easy two-step folding mechanism.
  • You can also pair it with the Duallie Adapter for Infant Car Seat which is sold separately as well as with other major brands of baby car seats.
  • The seat angle is adjustable with one hand, and kids will love their fully upright seat.
  • Extra-large cargo bucket to keep toys, gear and other supplies for your jogging or walking routine and to keep your kids occupied.
  • The stroller is foldable within seconds; extremely convenient, versatile, safe and smooth.


It’s the perfect double stroller for those who love to explore and experience with their kids. Now you can take your kids to the park or while jogging to keep up your fitness routine with this versatile and convenient Flex Duallie Stroller by Bob. It comes with adjustable features to give you ease of use and even though the last model had some design flaws, this one takes care of them all and provides a near-perfect stroller.

2) Britax B-Agile Double Stroller

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If you are looking for a double stroller for your twins that would have the ability to offer you a lot of convenience and impress you with its features, this is where your search culminates. This double stroller is equipped with all the features that you need and ensures that you can go out your babies around with a lot of ease. When it comes to finding a double stroller that can be used on all sorts of surfaces, this Britax B-Agile double stroller is among the best options that you will find.

Lightweight and portable twin strollers with car seats

Portability is something that many people tend to have an issue with when it comes to double strollers. This is not a problem that you will have to face if you opt for this double stroller for Britax car seat. It is quite light in weight, so pushing it and carrying it around is quite easy. This product has been designed with a lightweight aluminum frame, which offers it durability while ensuring that the weight is kept in check. It is portable and folding it would not take up a lot of your time. The task would be completed in a manner of seconds. The Click and Go system also ensures that the stroller can be paired with any Britax infant car seat with ease. You would not require any additional adapters for the purpose.

Effective design

While it is built for two, this double stroller has been devised in a way that makes it narrow enough to move it through standard doorways with ease. The seat size is comfortable for babies, and the canopy is capable of providing them with adequate protection. There is also ample storage present with front zippered access. The handlebar height is adjustable, so it is feasible to wheel the twin stroller around for everyone. The seat recline is one of its best options. The seats recline fully, so you can use it to accommodate a newborn as well as a 2-year-old with ease.


  • Quick folded design so that you do not have to struggle with carrying it around
  • It is Click and Go compatible so that no adapters are required to pair it with the car seat
  • Lightweight aluminum frame, making it easier to push it around
  • No need to rethread
  • Adjustable
  • 5-point harness and head pad with reflective binding to provide optimal support to the baby
  • Height-adjustable handle, ensuring that people of all heights can wheel it around
  • Infinite seat recline position, making it apt for usage for newborns as well as babies a couple of years old
  • Large canopy that stays put
  • Ample storage space


The double stroller has been designed to offer you maximum convenience. You will find it to be of profound quality and attention to detailing has been paid, so you can be confident that it will not give you a reason to complain.

3) Baby Jogger 2014 City Mini GT Double Stroller

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Looking for the best double stroller that will bring all-terrain strolling to a whole new level with its terrain capacities? The Baby Jogger 2014 City Mini GT Double is one of the best strollers for twins that you will not regret getting. It combines all the deluxe standard features that you look for in a top class stroller in a compact and chic package. When it comes to getting a stroller that you can use in all terrains, the City Mini GT Stroller is the perfect fit.

Multi-Terrain Stroller

The tires of the stroller are designed for all terrains so that you can use it for your daily excursions in the urban jungle or your weekend adventures on the beach. Boardwalk or beach, this twin stroller can handle all terrains. However, it should also be kept in mind that this particular model of the stroller isn’t designed for jogging and is only intended for strolling. The side-by-side easy-to-use design and all-terrain tires make it suitable for the roughest of terrains.

Portable and Adjustable Design

Its patented quick-fold technology makes the stroller extremely portable and ideal for travel and storage as it only takes a few second to fold the stroller and tuck it away in the back of your car or storage room. The removable auto-lock keeps the stroller closed tightly when folded so that it doesn’t unravel. It also features an accessory mounting bracket and a flip-flop friendly hand-operated parking brake for better control of the stroller. It also comes with an adjustable handlebar so that you can adjust the stroller to your height.


  • The stroller’s quick-fold technology lets you fold the stroller in one simple and quick step.
  • The stroller features 8.5” non-flat tires that are designed for all terrains.
  • The front wheel suspension ensures a smooth and comfortable ride even at sharp turns and rough terrains.
  • The seat is plush-padded and can recline to a near 180 degrees position to make your baby comfortable. The seat also features vented tops for increasing airflow in the stroller.
  • The stroller also features large and adjustable canopies with peek through windows.
  • The handlebar is fully adjustable to accommodate and adjust to the height of the parents.
  • Equipped with an accessory mounting bracket and flip-flop friendly hand-operated parking brakes.
  • Quick release air wheels are non-flat and feature sealed ball bearings for smooth rides.
  • Adjustable safety harnesses (5-point) with buckle cover and shoulder pads for maximum safety and security.
  • Back-seat storage compartments and under-seat basket for easy access.
  • Maximum weight capacity of 100 lbs.


The stroller is designed to survive all terrains and give you convenience and ease of use. It also offers maximum comfort and security for your kids so that you can stroll without any worries. Although it’s not designed for jogging, the stroller offers enough features to make up for that and offers smooth strolling.

4) Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Stroller

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The Best Affordable Stroller for Two Kids

Guest review by reader Fanny Peterson, mother of three

Buying double strollers always brings a troubling time for me. I am extremely cautious about purchasing a quality product but prices seem to be an issue. It was possible for me to achieve the right balance between price and quality with Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger. Just LOVE THIS STROLLER and my kids love it too! It is easy to assemble stroller which only took 5 minutes. Yes, you need to pay special attention while tightening the front wheel. Finger-tightening will not work and with the stroller, you are served with instructions to tighten the bolt if it vibrates. It is a special twin stroller for my kids with inbuilt speaker plug-ins. The sound is amazing and soft. It will not create any issues for nearby people and act as a perfect source of entertainment for me as well as my kids.


I can here serve you plenty of following reasons to buy the Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger:

  • The seats are spacious. It is a nice aspect if you really want your kids to have enough room to sit and enjoy.
  • Looks awesome and compact. Some comfortable double strollers are not attractive but it is not the case with this stroller. You are served with both nice looks and awesome comfort.
  • No safety concerns at all, as the stroller offers 5-point safety harness.
  • One can easily recline or adjust the seats individually to an upright position. In simple words, one of your babies can sleep while other can be up and enjoy the surroundings.
  • Enough storage space. I simply don’t like stroller which doesn’t offer enough storage space. Parents do need to carry a lot of baby stuff and with this stroller, storage issue is completely eliminated. Apart from enough storage, cupholders nicely hold the drinks while jogging.
  • Front wheel locks nicely which offers huge assistance while jogging. With locked wheel there is no shaking and the wheel will not swivel. When I go for mall shopping or walking around the park, I can easily unlock the wheel.
  • Overall quality is pretty nice and surely no cheap plastic is used. Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger is the best suited for trail running.

Value for money

Yes, there were some slight issues with the stroller like not enough growing room! One of my kids is 1 year old while other is close to 3 years. I opted for the stroller due to low budget and a good number of positive reviews. I am bit worried, Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger might not be fit for the older child for a very long time. Let’s see how it works in near future but still I am overall very satisfied with my decision of purchasing the stroller. You can’t say it is the perfect product, but you need to admit such adequate balance between price and quality is tough to achieve with other twin strollers. This stroller also happens to be featured on another article by the main author on the topic about jogging strollers with speakers.

Bottom Line. Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger is definitely the first choice for parents like me who have 2 kids and a limited budget to buy a quality stroller.

5) Kolcraft Cloud Side by Side Umbrella Stroller

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The Best Stroller for Twins!

Guest review by reader Liz, mother of twins

I bought Kolcraft Cloud Side by Side Umbrella Stroller after reading many positive reviews. It seems like a perfect option for me to carry my twins in a safe manner. Being a single parent, it is tough for me to manage toddlers while I am driving or visiting a remote area. Yes, it is really tough especially when you are single. I really found it pretty hard to manage stuff and providing adequate safety to my loved ones. But not now!! I can easily carry Sam and Suzi in this awesome, strong and comfortable stroller, without any worries.

I am treating this review as a wonderful opportunity to express my opinions and help out needy parents trying hard to find the best double stroller for their twins. Just before buying this particular stroller, I used to own a tandem stroller. It was nice but the huge size and excess weight really created plenty of problems.

Light in Weight, Heavy in Utility

Surely, I wanted a twin stroller, light in weight but without any compromise on quality. Kolcraft Cloud Side by Side Umbrella Stroller is just what my eyes stuck on. I was bit amazed to see such nice reviews and the stroller offering every single feature meeting my demands. Yes, Kolcraft Cloud Side by Side Umbrella Stroller has some glitches like no perfect container to carry stuff.

Still, I am very much pleased with performance especially strength and how I am able to move the stroller without any trouble. The stroller definitely offers expandable canopies which help in covering the maximum area. For sure, I do carry some drinks for twins and the availability of parent cup holder is a fascinating feature.

If as a parent, you are a bit concerned about the safety, you would be glad to know, Kolcraft Cloud Side by Side Umbrella Stroller offers 3 point safety harness system which you will not find in any other stroller with similar price range. Each seat as the potential to accommodate 35 pounds which are more than enough even if your child is bit over-weight.

Recently, I visited Disney for some adventurous outing with my twins. I added a bag on the back of the stroller which provided me another cup holder option and completely eliminated the storage trouble. As the stroller offers handle in the middle, it was pretty easy indeed to add a single storage bag for the double stroller.


Britax B-Agile twin strollers with car seats are flawless products with nearly no pit holes. I really don’t find any problem in maneuvering the twin stroller and it easily folds up and gets stored in my small car.

I am trying hard to present some cons but, so far I have yet to find any major issue with the stroller. It is the product which you can consider if you really care about your twin’s security and ready to provide a perfect atmosphere to stroll around.

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