Can You Bring a Stroller on an Airplane?

Are you thinking about or planning a trip that involves getting on an airplane? Unsure if you’re able to bring your stroller as a carry on item with you? And if the airline allows, how to choose the best baby stroller that does the job?

While most airlines will let you gate check your stroller so that you can have it as soon as the plane lands, some even allow you to have it on board with you. If you choose to have your buggy gate checked, just remember that the airline will tell you that they are not responsible for any damages.

Bringing a stroller on a plane

Unfortunately, a majority of airlines don’t allow them as a carry on item. Although some do, most people just fold theirs and carry it over their shoulder and sometimes don’t get stopped. I wouldn’t really recommend trying to take a stroller as a carry on if the airline doesn’t allow it. If you’re unsure of the airline’s policies, I would call first to make sure.

Whether you’re going to have your stroller gate checked, checked in with your other baggage, or on the plane with you, I’d suggest a travel bag to keep it nice and compact and also keep it safe from stains during transport. If you’re checking it with your baggage to pick up at your final destination, you might want to put it in a box with fragile written on it a few times.

All airlines don’t charge you for a buggy or car seat, thankfully. You’ll also need to decide what kind of products you would like to travel with. If you’re just going to pick up your stroller at the baggage claim at your final destination, you could bring a bigger one, such as a jogging stroller or one that goes with your car seat.

Small size stroller carry on airplane

If you’re getting it gate checked or using it as a carry on, I’d suggest an umbrella stroller, since they are more compact and easier to maneuver around a busy airport. A good choice of an umbrella stroller that’ll easily fit in the overhead compartment is the Babyzen Yoyo. This is one of the very few products that come with an airline certified size of a carry-on bag.

strollers carry on airplane

Some of the major airlines that allow strollers as carry on, as long as they meet the size dimensions, are: Alaska Air, Delta Airlines, and Jet Blue. Although other airlines don’t specify on their website whether or not they allow them as a carry on item, it wouldn’t hurt to call and ask.

Some airlines might let you if there’s extra overhead space available during that flight. If you’re worried that an umbrella stroller doesn’t have enough storage space for what you need, it’s okay. Most airlines allow you to take a diaper bag on board with you, free of charge.

Alternatives to bringing a stroller on a plane

Airlines really do try to make your traveling experience easier when you’re traveling with small children. If you have to check-in your buggy, they’ll have it when you land at your next destination or within a few minutes at least.

I personally live three thousand miles from my hometown, and I plan on visiting next year with my daughter. I will be taking an umbrella stroller to be gate checked, and a jogging stroller to pick up with baggage claim. A downside of using an umbrella stroller is that most don’t recommend using it with infants under six months. If you have a child under six months, I would suggest maybe a baby wrap or sling would be easier.

While most US airlines don’t allow a stroller as a carry on item, a lot of international airlines do. So, if you’re traveling overseas, you might be able to keep your buggy with you. If you’re planning to travel on a regional or charter plane, your odds of getting a stroller on the plane drop, due to limited space on the plane. Fun fact, Hawaiian Airlines don’t allow a stroller on the plane as carry on, but they do allow a properly packaged box of pineapples on as a carry on item, free of charge.


Strollers that fit in overhead compartment

If you choose an airline that allows you to take a stroller as a carry on, you’ll have to choose one that meets their guidelines. Earlier I mentioned that the Babyzen Yoyo would be a good choice. Although this product can be a little pricey, you can also get everyday use out of it. It has four-wheel suspension, and can be folded or unfolded with one hand. When folded, it’s super compact and will easily fit into an overhead compartment or anywhere else around your home.

taking strollers on airplanes
Overhead compartment on plane

The Yoyo by Babyzen comes with a travel bag, a reversible backrest, rain cover, carrying strap and undercarriage storage. You don’t ever need to worry about locking the front swivel wheel, no matter what terrain you’re on. The seat easily reclines back, it has an extendable leg rest, and a five-point harness. This product is for children up to thirty-three pounds, while the stroller itself weighs twelve and a half pounds.


The best way to tackle this problem is to carefully consider the factors when buying a stroller. If you choose to gate check your stroller, you’ll have to bring a foldable one. I would suggest an umbrella stroller for a few reasons. One reason being that they aren’t as bulky as jogging strollers or those that go with a travel system. If you don’t have an umbrella stroller, that’s okay. They can range from twenty dollars to a couple hundred.

If you plan on keeping your diaper bag on you, or putting diapers, wipes, change of clothes and any other necessities in your carry-on bag, I would suggest a cheap twenty-dollar basic umbrella stroller. Although they aren’t as durable as more expensive ones, they still serve their purpose. These cheaper strollers usually don’t come with a storage basket or canopy though.

I hope this helped you in your traveling process. I hope you find what you’re looking for. Feel free to mention any other airlines that allow a stroller as a carry on item below. Have a fun and safe trip!



Tanya Robinson

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