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Why do we need a Good and Cheap Jogging Stroller?

With the ever growing laundry list of items needed for a new baby, it can be hard deciding what you really need and what things you don’t. A stroller is almost always a necessity but the price tags can be pretty hefty. Finding the right stroller that not only meets your needs but is also wallet friendly can be tough when the number of options seems endless.

One of the first key decisions when purchasing a stroller is deciding whether a traditional stroller for everyday use or a jogging stroller is best. Traditional strollers are great with maneuverability for places with smooth surfaces like a mall or sidewalk. But, if you take it to the park you may find yourself getting stuck on just about every bump in the dirt. On the other hand, joggers are perfect for outdoor use and rougher terrain but their stationary front wheel makes it a nightmare for taking corners or changing directions. So how do you choose?

If you aren’t a runner you may be thinking that even the occasional walks you take with your child won’t warrant the price tag for a jogger. I know I chose a very basic stroller for my first child because I didn’t feel that I needed the features of a jogger. I quickly found that traveling to outdoor places like the park, the beach, or even along a road was a very bumpy and frustrating experience for both myself and my child. A jogging stroller really is essential for most outdoor activities with young children.

The good news is that there are good and cheap top rated strollers on the market that do it all and don’t break the bank. The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger is not only low in cost but also high in quality and useful features.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller

cheap jogging stroller

About the Brand: Baby Trend

Baby Trend is a pretty well-known brand that has been around for years. The company produces everything from strollers and car seats to baby gates and diaper pails.  I actually really love Baby Trend products. They are extremely durable, well designed, and the company stands by their products’ safety. They are a good mix of great products with reasonable prices.

Features of this stroller

The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger has a lot of excellent features that make it a great stroller choice for parents. From a parent’s perspective, the level of functionality that it provides makes it ideal. Instead of paying for both a traditional stroller and a cheap jogging stroller, you are able to get the best features of both in one.

All-Terrain Bicycle Style Wheels

One of the best features of this jogging stroller is the ability to lock and unlock the front wheel. If you are shopping for a stroller that allows you to not only run, but to also maneuver easily, then this jogger will work for you. A stationary or lockable front wheel is a necessity for safety when running. A good jogging stroller will always have either mechanism. Without it, at high speeds a swivel wheel can wobble and cause the stroller to tip and fall.

The wheel design is another great element of the Expedition. Rather than plastic like most traditional strollers, the tires are inflated rubber just like what you find on a bicycle. This creates more give when traveling over uneven or rough surfaces. Along with rubber wheels, the Expedition also has shocks to help absorb bouncing. This allows for a much smoother ride for both parent and child.

With their larger back wheels, jogging strollers tend to take up more space than other types of strollers. It can make packing up and travelling difficult if you don’t have a lot of vehicle space. If you have more than one child then you can forget about trying to fit one into the backseat either. Luckily, with the Expedition both back wheels can be removed quickly and easily in order to fit the stroller into tighter spaces.


Once you have children the amount of things that you have to tote around with you is suddenly multiplied. Something that I find really important when choosing any baby product is if it can help with carrying all those essentials. If you’re out for the day with your child, the stroller you choose definitely needs space to carry things like a diaper bag, drinks, snacks, and more.

A great feature of the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger is that it really has ample space. Most strollers have a canopy style basket underneath the seat. Instead, this jogger’s basket is quite deep when compared to others. On my traditional stroller I really can’t fit much more than the average sized diaper bag. This jogger can fit several more items on top of that.

Most strollers have several cup holders and trays to fit items on but the Expedition takes it one step further. It has two cup holders on the child’s tray. It also unclips and flips away so you can easily get your child in and out of the seat. Near the handle is the parent tray. Some strollers come with a single cup holder for this area but the Expedition has two. This is ideal because if you’re out with your partner then they can also have a space to set a drink.

Another awesome feature of the parent tray is its design. I have found that if you’re actually running with a stroller, or even using it over a rough terrain, the cup holders and tray can end up being practically useless. Your cup wobbles and your cellphone and keys go flying. The Expedition has fairly deep cup holders to avoid this as well as a compartment that opens and closes to keep your smaller items secured.

side view of strollerSeating

The seat of the Expedition jogger is another really convenient element. This Jogger has a reclining seat that’s perfect for your child’s comfort when napping or diaper changes on the go. If you’ve ever tried changing a sitting baby’s diaper then you know how difficult it can be.

Sometimes when you’re travelling there just isn’t any other option. With nearly a fully reclining option it makes this difficult task much easier. It also has a completely adjustable shade for blocking sun and wind that can be adapted to the seat’s position.

While the varied sitting positions are an appreciated option on this jogger, the one drawback is that it is adjusted with a drawstring. Some form of clip system would be ideal but this is a relatively minor objection. While it seems to work great initially and lends itself to the ease of use factor, I would worry about the plastic piece wearing out. As your child gets older and their weight increases my worry is that it may not continue to grip the pull string tightly over time.


Of course safety features play a huge role in the decision on which is the best jogging stroller for your child. Overall I think the Baby Trend Expedition jogger succeeds in meeting all of the safety concerns I have as a parent. The first thing to look for is a reliable and safe buckle. This jogger has a five point safety harness which helps to keep your child in a safe position, especially when moving at higher speeds.

When running with a jogging stroller there should always be an alternative way of stopping the stroller than with just your hands. I like that this jogger has a wrist tether strap to keep the stroller attached to your body at all times. This way, in case you were to trip or accidentally let go for any reason, the stroller wouldn’t be able to keep rolling without you.

One drawback to this stroller in terms of safety is the lack of a handbrake on the handle. It isn’t necessarily a deal breaker but a handbrake does help to slow a jogger down when walking or running on steeper hills and paths. I do feel that the wrist tether helps to compensate for this missing feature but it would be nice to have both.

The handle of this stroller is a bit different than other strollers as well. Instead of a soft, foam padding this handle’s grip is made of a grooved rubber. I think this is a great safety feature to have. It may seem insignificant but it actually makes a huge difference. Firstly, after a lot of use the foam padding can start to wear down and flake. Second, the rubber actually provides a much tighter grip. If your hands begin to sweat from running or holding the handle on a very hot day, they are less likely to slip when pressed against rubber instead of a soft foam.

Pros and cons


  • Relatively light for a jogging stroller at just over 25 pounds
  • Provides great value for its economical price
  • Easy quick release to remove back tires completely for easier storage
  • Covered storage compartment in parent tray
  • Large, deep storage basket underneath
  • Two, deep cup holders on parent tray
  • Rubber handle instead of foam covered handle which provides safer grip and seems like it will wear down less over time
  • Almost fully reclining, padded seat for multiple sitting positions
  • Accepts Baby Trend car seats to create a travel system


  • No hand held brake on the handle
  • Handle is not adjustable
  • Drawstring pull instead of clips to adjust seat position

Close Alternative Cheap Jogging Stroller

Another jogging stroller that is pretty close in comparison is the Graco FastAction Fold Jogger. It’s relatively close in price, though definitely costs more than the Baby Trend Expedition. It has several of the same great features which makes it a contender when searching for a quality jogging stroller.

Cheap Jogging Stroller

Both strollers have a front, lockable swivel wheel making them great for just about any type of excursion. They also both allow for adjustable sitting positions. The best feature of the Graco jogging stroller is its one second, one hand folding system. You simply pull up from the middle of the stroller and it collapses with minimal effort. The Baby Trend Expedition jogger has the traditional two hand trigger pull on each side of the frame to collapse the stroller. These can be notoriously difficult to pull and close.

While the Graco is able to close quickly and easily, I don’t love that the wheels cannot be removed for better storage. With this stroller weighing in at almost thirty two pounds, it’s much heavier and bulkier frame makes it difficult to lift as well as to store it.

Final Verdict

Overall, I think the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger is a great buy. It meets the quality and safety needs I think are on most parents’ wish lists. It also provides a few extra convenient features that add to its appeal. With its locking front swivel wheel, this is a versatile and affordable jogging stroller if your needs are for both moderate exercise and everyday use.

I would recommend this stroller to parents for its ease of use and functionality. Since this stroller weighs only twenty five pounds and breaks down fairly easily, it makes for a much smoother transition when lifting and placing it in and out of the car. It has spacious storage for all of yours and your child’s necessities without making it too large or bulky.

Lastly, this stroller is compatible with Baby Trend brand car seats so you can easily create a travel system for your infant. This makes going from the car to the stroller effortless. The stroller is pretty durable and well built, holding up to fifty pounds so it will last for your family. It is one of the most reasonably priced jogging strollers available and while it’s not the most top of the line, it has both quality and standard features that even some of the more expensive strollers are lacking. Great value for the money!

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