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Don’t let the word cheap in the title scare you. Some cheap travel systems might have been cheaper in the money sense, but they definitely aren’t cheaper in quality when compared to some of the newest baby strollers.

I bought the COSCO Lift & Stroll Travel System. Believe it or not, I paid less than two hundred dollars for my travel system. I even let my partner pick it out.

No matter what pushchairs or prams he chose, all I cared about was a smooth ride, safety and reclining seat. And of course, it has to be affordable and within our budget. He chose it because he said it was pretty, but not too girly. My travel system came with a stroller, a car seat and a base. This offer is a pretty good deal, isn’t it?

Cheap Travel Systems Review

Cosco Lift & Stroll Travel Systems

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Car Seat

I honestly probably love my car seat more than anything else I’ve ever bought for her. This is the lightest car seat in the United States, and that is probably my favorite feature. My daughter, Raena, is quite a chunky baby. This super light car seat helps by not adding more weight to my already heavy infant. It can hold a baby up to twenty-two pounds or twenty-nine inches long.

It is side impact tested and super safe. The car seat is easy to click into the base or stroller without the need for additional car seat adapters. There are four different heights to adjust the five-point harness as your child grows. It comes with an infant insert for more comfort. It is also super easy to take apart. Raena is a pooping machine, as many babies are. When she does poop through her clothes while in the car seat, which is unfortunately often, it isn’t a hassle at all to take the fabric off and put it in the washer. It’s also very easy to put it back together as well. The canopy is removable, which can be helpful.

There are downsides to the car seat, as there are with any car seat. This car seat requires two hands to extend or drop the canopy down. The canopy is also a little flimsy. In order to adjust the handle, you’ll need two hands for this as well. Even though it’s a good safety feature to have, it can get inconvenient at times to have to use two hands.


  • Lightest car seat in the United States
  • Side impact tested
  • Four heights to adjust the five-point harness
  • Easy to take apart and clean


  • Two hands to adjust canopy
  • Two hands to adjust carrying handle
  • Canopy isn’t very thick or durable


There may be many other cheap travel systems deals out there, but the main thing I love about this stroller is the multi position recline option. This was a high priority on my list of things. I love that the parent tray has two cup holders and a spot for my phone, but I do wish the compartment closed. The child tray has one cup holder and makes attaching the car seat simple. Even with such a discounted offer, this stroller can hold a child up to fifty pounds.

The folding and unfolding of the stroller is incredibly easy and safe. Many umbrella strollers with canopy have a button that you push and then fold your stroller. Some strollers with the button option will try and fold while the child is in it. My stroller has a pull strap that the child sits on, when the child isn’t in it, all you have to do is gently lift up and it folds. There is also a locking mechanism on the side so that it will remain closed when folded and it stands up. When unfolding, unlatch the lock and just pull up on the handle.

The double front wheels on this stroller provide a much smoother ride. The handle is high so that taller parents don’t need to crouch down in order to push the baby. The canopy on the stroller meets with the canopy on the car seat if you use both; which ensures the baby is completely covered. Behind the seat is net backing to keep your child cool. The storage basket underneath has an adequate amount of space. The only thing I have an issue with is that when the car seat is attached and the seat is fully reclined, my diaper bag won’t fit. To be fair, I do have a large diaper bag.


  • Lightweight
  • Holds a child up to fifty pounds
  • Easy fold and unfold, can be done one handed
  • Double front wheels provide smooth ride
  • Easy locking back brakes
  • Large under seat storage


  • Hard to fit diaper bag with seat fully reclined
  • No cover on parent’s tray compartment

About the COSCO Brand

My cheap travel systemCOSCO started over seventy years ago as the Columbus Specialty Company. They were and still are based out of Columbus, Ohio. After time, they shortened their name to COSCO. COSCOkids brand makes baby equipment including: car seats, strollers, bouncers, high chairs, play yards and walkers. COSCO believes that every family should have fun and be able to have smarter products. That’s why they create baby gear to make parents’ lives easier. And i especially love them for their best affordable travel system.

Customer Reviews

Here are some actual customer reviews on this stroller and car seat:

  • Jeffrey said, “Fairly easy to assemble and worked well in all uses.”
  • Deb said, “I like this because it has the whole set up. It is very easy to use and put together, only took me five minutes. It is very sturdy and easy to maneuver.”
  • David said, “This is a great product. It’s easy to use and rolls smooth. It’s light to handle. Easy storage.”
  • Allan said, “I bought this for my grandson and was impressed at the quality and the ease of setup and workmanship. If you want the entire seat/stroller/base, this is a wise choice.”


If you are shopping for good and cheap travel systems, this product is a good choice for any parent. It’s super lightweight and compact. The stroller has so many good features, as does the car seat. You get a whole cheap travel system for less than the price of most strollers that are just the stroller! You can choose from many different designs and colors as well; there’s even gender neutral ones for the parents that like to keep it a surprise! I’d love to hear your thoughts and favorite car seats or strollers below.

Tanya Robinson

Tanya Robinson is a first time mom, who stays at home with her baby girl. She is enjoying getting to know how to be a good parent and all the good tips and tricks. Tanya can’t wait to share her knowledge with you!