How to Choose the Best Baby Strollers

Every parent wants to fulfill the needs of their child. And that includes choosing the best baby strollers to fit your family lifestyle. But the question is, which one should I buy?

This question is a tough one as the answer will largely depend on the age of your child, and also the reasons why you need a stroller. This is because babies less than 6 months old do not have strong enough neck to maintain a sitting posture. If you buy a baby pram stroller for newborn who is less than 6 months old, you’ll probably end up having to buy new strollers for your growing child.

This is because a newborn stroller (also known as pram) is specially designed for your small baby to be able to lie inside in horizontal position. Once your child outgrows the pram, you will want to have a standard stroller which can help you child to sit upright.

Express Guide for choosing the Best Baby Strollers on Sale

If you are rushing for time, or just lazy to read through the whole article, fret not! We will teach you how to quickly filter and narrow down to the best and most popular products that millions of parents are already using.

Step 1: Click below image to get a list of baby strollers best selling on Amazon.

This list is updated hourly, sorted according to 100 best selling products that real mothers are using. Using this method, Daniel and I were able to instantly zoom down onto the most popular baby strollers on sale in the market based on volume sold. We have been getting most of our baby essentials from Amazon since their price is usually cheaper than elsewhere and fast delivery.

Step 2: Select a few products that you are interested in. Open product page in a new tab.

Step 3: On the product page, scroll down to the customer reviews section.

This is where hundreds of real parents who have bought the product and posted their feedback. This is also where my husband and I found the most information from. Don’t just listen to advertisements that boast themselves. Nothing beats reading real baby stroller reviews from real parents who have tried and tested the products and decided that it is worth writing a review on (feedback can be good or bad.) Very often you will find out things that you did not previously know from here.

baby stroller reviews
Reviews from real parents

Can I use a carrier instead?

The purpose of a stroller can also be fulfilled by using a carrier or a backpack. Firstly, they are less expensive. Secondly, you might have noticed that infants love to be carried by their parents, and carriers can easily fulfill this need. They also distribute the weight evenly so that you can carry your baby for hours without putting weight on just any one side of your body.

Using a carrier also leave your hands free so that you can do your work while cuddling with your child. According to the latest research, many pediatricians believe that infants less than 6 months old lying on bedding face unbearable pressure on their developing bodies. Such pressure may cause undesired spinal conditions. Furthermore, babies tend to cry less in carriers as they are surrounded by their mother’s smell and can feel her heartbeat all the time, which makes them calm.

However, as your child grows stronger and bigger in size, it is time to invest in good strollers for toddler that fits the requirement of your everyday activities.

Easier to bring babies out
It is easier to bring babies out for walk with a pushcar than to carry them

Best time to Buy Baby Strollers

Babies older than 6 months can usually sit upright without any help or assistance as their bodies have developed enough to hold their weight. This is the best time to buy a new stroller for your child. Buying a stroller offers many advantages over carriers at this age.

The main advantage of using a child stroller is that at this age, your baby is heavier than when they were infants. Even though their weight is distributed evenly, it’s hard to carry them now for a prolong duration. On the other hand, pushing a baby pushcar requires a little effort to move your baby around.

Although your child may love body contact with you, they would now like to see and say hello to the world. Strollers provide a great view for you child within your protection. Your child is also protected from the sun since most of the best baby strollers are attached with canopy. Some even have SPF 50 sunshade protection. There is also a safety harness around them at all times, which allows them just enough freedom within the small stroller but ensure safety at the same time.

Baby likes to see the world
Baby likes to see the world

The best baby strollers not only offer comfort to the children but also their parents. They often come with a basket just under the seat, where you can store various items that had to be otherwise carried in a backpack. Parents who love to work out or go for a walk can now take their child along in a baby jogging stroller. Some might think that carriers can offer this as well, but it would be rather difficult for parents to run while carrying their baby. It might also be a difficult experience for a child.

Quality over Price

Good strollers are something that your child will need to use for years. Even when they start walking, you’ll need to have one if you are taking them on long walks as they get tired quite quickly and will need to rest or nap. New baby strollers are available in all shapes, sizes, and prices.

Some parents will want to buy cheap baby gear that are well within their budget, and that is an understandable decision. However, the comfort of your child should always be your first priority because it is something that your child has to live with for a long time to come. While you should not spend a fortune on high end strollers, we recommend you to invest in one good stroller that can last you for many years, and that may end up being a mighty saver for you.

Comfort using the best baby strollers
Comfort for baby is most important

Besides, the best strollers don’t necessary mean they can’t be cheap strollers. There are many baby strollers on sale on Amazon where you can get highly recommended ones at affordable prices. Believe me or not, many of the top selling products are actually lesser than 100 bucks! You can check it out here to see and believe.

Types of Strollers

There are many different types of baby strollers available in the market. Hence, it’s better to have some knowledge about their differences before shopping for one. They are broadly divided into six types based on their size and features.

choosing the best baby strollers
So many strollers, which one to choose?

Standard sized

These come in various size, shapes and styles. Almost all of the products of this type offer adjustable seat so that you can recline the seat according to your child’s comfort. Some of the common features of this type are storage areas and the ability to be converted into a car seat, though this feature may not be supported by all models.

They also have relatively large wheels, which offer mobility even on rough surfaces. They are lightweight and easy to fold; their weight is usually between 7-16 kg. These kind of popular baby strollers usually offer simple features, and their prices can range from $60 to even $1,300.


Lightweight or umbrella strollers are the best option if you travel a lot. As the name implies, they are pretty light and small and their weight is usually between 4-8 kg. They may lack some features of their standard counterpart.

They have smaller wheels, which imply that it may be slightly harder to move them around, especially on rough surfaces. Another thing is that they may not offer storage space or adjustable seats in order to keep it simple. Most of the models also lack the option to be converted into car seats.

With the above said, if you want to have one as a backup, a lightweight stroller would make an excellent choice. Their prices are quite flexible and range from $15 to $450. They are perfect to use in public places with smooth surfaces. Since they don’t take up much space and are quite small, they can be easily moved in places such as the mall. The sunshade can also be removed if you don’t want to cover too much of your child’s view.


best baby strollers for jogging
Daddy jogging with running stroller

Jogging strollers are designed for parents who love to jog and wish to take their child along with them. These are especially cool and fun to use, especially when exercising using jogging strollers with speakers.

They have great suspension and their wheels are larger than standard ones. These running strollers come with shock suspension so that your baby will not feel any bumps along the track. This kind of three wheel stroller is also known as hiking stroller, for obvious reasons.

Jogging baby strollers can be further divided into two types. The first type has a non-moveable or stationary front wheel, which can act as a brake for abrupt stops. It can be maneuvered using the back wheels instead of the front ones. This type is best jogging stroller for running in a straight line and is more resistant to bumps and shocks.

The other type has a swivel or moveable front wheel, which makes maneuvering the product considerably easy. The disadvantage of this type is that with a small bump, it can change its position, making it sometimes hard to handle.

There are also many newer models in the market that come with a lockable front wheel, giving the buyer the best of both worlds. However, they are heavier and more expensive than their other counterparts. Their weight is between 10-14 kg and the price ranges from $90 to $800. Furthermore, due to their structure, they are hard to use in public places or store in your car. However, they do offer the best results if you like taking your child for long walks or camping trips.


Searching for twin baby strollers? This product is used for twins, or babies that have an age gap of less than a year. As the name implies, it is a specially designed stroller for two. The setting style can be tandem vs side by side stroller, and each style has its own pros and cons.

They offer the same features as the standard product, but contrary to popular belief, they don’t actually weight twice as much. Their weight is between 9-16 kg. Although they may not be that heavy, they do take twice the space. This makes them hard to move around.

Stroller for twins
Stroller for twins

Side-by-side strollers, sometimes known as twin infant strollers is difficult to move in public places but can usually fit through doorways easily. They also offer an equal amount of comfort to both children.

Tandem strollers, however, offer easy mobility through crowded places but may not offer as much space to the child sitting in the back as it provides to the child sitting in the front.

This type of double strollers for twins offers an affordable way to carry 2 children, instead of having to buy 2 separate products which usually cost more. If you are looking for a cheap double stroller that is just as reliable as other high end models, we recommend the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller.

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller

choosing the best baby strollers

This sturdy product can fit 2 kids comfortably, and is built to last for a long time. Although it is a double stroller, it surprisingly turns and maneuvers very well. The best thing is that it can be folded up to take up very little space when not in use. We recommend you read the product page for more baby stroller reviews by other users.

Travel Systems

A travel system can’t actually be labelled as a type of product since it’s simply a baby stroller car seat combo. The car seats are designed to be able to attach to the product’s frame. This is so that parents who drive do not have to move their child from one seat to another. These form of car seat stroller combinations are more about saving money than having quality. Many people who bought this type of product usually find them dissatisfying because of the lower than expected quality. It also lacks many features of having a standard stroller and car seat. If you’re looking for features and quality, buying both products separately is the way to go.


These are most useful for those who have or are expecting multiple children. The convertible stroller comes with various parts that can be added or removed according to your needs. They are reliable and offer more flexibility than any other type. These products can contain two or three kids in the size of one standard product. They are a long-time investment and seem the best option if you have or thinking about having multiple kids.

However, they might not offer the most comfortable experience since there will be two kids in the space of one. They are also very expensive and take up a lot of space when all of its add-ons are being used. But if you are using only one or two add-ons, it takes up the same space as the standard ones.

They also come with a removable car seat much like the travel system. Check this post to read more about double stroller compatible with Britax car seats. Another advantage of this type is that it offers both front and back views, so the child could either face their parents or have their back to them.

New Stroller for Your Growing Child?

Now that you know about the different types of strollers in the market, here comes another question that troubles parents i.e. whether they’ll have to buy a new product as their baby grows.

Most strollers can last for a few years
Most strollers can last for a few years as your child grows up.

In most cases, the answer is no. We’ve already discussed above the advantages of using carriers over strollers for infants who is less than 6 months old. If you bought a newborn stroller for a child who is less than 6 months old, you’d have to buy a new baby stroller when your baby grows past 6 months.

Other than that, you almost never have to buy another one again. Most can accommodate children up to 4 years old, sometimes even more depending on how early your child gets tired of sitting.

Different products for different terrains

If you’re planning on taking your child for walks around your neighborhood, the standard one is perfect. The storage area can help you store whatever you’ve bought. They can be easily maneuvered around both smooth and rough surfaces, and also easily pass through tight surfaces This makes them the most versatile strollers for walks in the park and other public places such as museums, zoo and aquariums.

Stroller on public transport
Stroller on public transport

If you’re driving a lot or using public transport to move around, the standard product may be a bit bulky and hard to use in crowded places. This is especially true if you are also carrying or holding the finger of your child. On the other hand, the umbrella stroller is lightweight when compared. It is easier to carry or put in the back of your car without much difficulty. Having both the umbrella and standard size stroller is the best possible combination if you have the budget.

As your baby grows, they will also become heavier, which will affect the maneuverability of many products. Using a standard one may not seem like the best option when it gets stuck in the soft terrain of the park and becomes almost impossible to push around. Winters are also a condition to be kept in mind when you’re buying strollers. If you live in an area where it snows, you will need an all terrain stroller. Jogging strollers are not affected by the increasing weight of your child or any type of terrain. Due to the size of their wheel, maneuverability is almost never a problem for them.

Stroller in places that snow
Stroller in places that snow

Features to look out for

Searching for the best infant stroller? There is a wide array of stroller brands in the market, such as Uppababy, Britax, Stokke, Bugaboo, Origami, Baby Jogger, etc . But which one should you choose?

Our advice is to not choose specific brands, but to make your decision based on features that fulfill your needs. Below are some of the important factors to take into consideration when you are selecting for the best baby strollers on sale.

Wheel Size

Big wheel pushcar
Bigger wheel makes it easy to maneuver across all terrains.

The size of the wheels matters a lot. The bigger the wheel, the better the maneuverability. Bigger wheels can move through any kind of terrain without much difficulty. The disadvantage of having bigger wheels, however, is that the overall product will become bulkier and heavier.

There are also different types of wheels with respect to the material they are made of. There are rubber-coated wheels that are made of plastic, which are the best option for urban areas. However, these tires can go flat and many people avoid bigger air-filled tires as they are heavier and have more chances of going flat.

Foam-filled tires are more useful for people who live in suburban and rural areas. They are filled with foam instead of air to solve the problem of getting a flat tire. They may not offer the smoothest ride, but they do absorb shocks better.

Some newer models offer inline skate wheels, which provide one of the smoothest and quietest rides.

Storage Space

Most products offer extra storage space under the seats, which can make carrying babies’ stuff or your bags easy. Some provide storage behind the seat if not underneath it, while others offer both of these storage spaces. You’ll have to see the size of the storage space as it varies from model to model. Choose the size that fulfills your needs so that you won’t have any problems.

Foldable Stroller

Many products can be folded and placed in compact spaces. You’ll have to ensure that the folding mechanism itself doesn’t require much effort. If you can fold it in one hand, it is a plus. You’ll also have to ensure that the foldable stroller can fit nicely in the back of your car so that travelling with it will not be a problem.

This type of compact stroller is very popular among young parents who travel a lot by car. It is not only easily portable by car, but also saves space at home.


You’ll have to make sure that the handlebar of your product is adjustable. This is especially if there is a considerable height difference between you and your partner. If it’s not adjustable, one of you may have to suffer as you will be pushing at an uncomfortable angle. Trust me, I had an aching shoulder for days before I decided to buy a new stroller because my old one had non-adjustable handlebar.

Even if the height difference is not significant, it should be adjustable for other members of your family who wants to take your baby for a stroll in the park.


Only some models offer either a parent tray or a child tray. These trays have obvious advantages as they offer cup holders and some place to store your keys or mobile phone. You can push your child easily and don’t have to carry a bag or wallet to keep your things.

Child trays have the same function. They usually have bottle holders (which is actually the same as a cup holder) and a small place to place your child’s pacifier or maybe their favorite toy.

The major disadvantage of this feature is that it badly hinders the folding mechanism and makes the foldable stroller take up more place than other models. This may be the reason that only products with low value provide this feature.

Brakes & Locks

No matter which one you choose, or how much you paid for it, it must come with brakes. Some models have foot brakes, while others have hand brakes. You should check the brakes in every possible way to know which one suits you the best and offer the most convenient location. The time between pressing the brakes and the product coming to full stop should also be minimal.

Just like brakes, locks are also part of all products. Make sure that it has a good locking system. The locking mechanism should be easy to use and it should make sure that the product remains stationary until it is released. Even if there is just a little movement while it is locked, you should look for a more reliable one. After all, the safety of your child is at stake here, so you can’t be careless here.

Fabric, Washability and Sunshade

The fabric of the seat should always be checked. It should be soft and should stay that way even after washing. Some of the low-quality products offer fabric that is initially very soft, but after the first or second wash, it becomes rough and irritable and you child may not be as comfortable as you want them to be.

The product should itself be washable. This doesn’t mean that you will have to wash it with the frame attached. Some are easy to take apart so that they can be easily cleaned and the seats and storage area can be washed as well. It should also be as easy to put together as it was to take it apart.

The sunshade or canopy should be adjustable and if you can remove that altogether, it would be a major plus for the product. The sunshades are designed to be waterproof and UV proof. They should be of good quality since they are the only protection offered by the product against rain, sun, and wind.

Safety First

You and your child’s safety should always be your top priority. Even though most products are quite safe to use, there are still some security or safety measures that you’ll have to take yourself. The first and foremost is to always tie the safety harness around your child before taking them on a stroll. Lock the product while harnessing your child, double check the harness and when you are sure that your baby is tightly locked in, remove the lock.

Furthermore, you need to make sure to keep your baby away from the stroller when you are folding it. They may have a finger or hand inside that you may miss while folding, which can result in a serious injury. You should only put your child in your stroller after making sure that it is completely unfolded. If not, it can fall because of your child’s weight and some serious harm could come to your child.

Take Extra Precautions when Outside

You should also never leave your baby unattended. It is quite dangerous for your child to be unsupervised as anything can happen to them. If you have to leave your child unattended in their stroller for some reason (although we really don’t approve of it), make sure that it is locked in place so that it doesn’t get into an accident due to some unwanted push or movement.

Never put a hot beverage near your child’s stroller or in the cup holder. Otherwise, your child can accidentally spill the beverage, which can cause severe burns to the child’s sensitive skin. Never use the stairs when you have a stroller with you. Elevators are your best option to transport it from one level of the building to another. If there is no elevator or if there are some technical issues with it, make sure you remove your baby from the stroller before taking the stairs. Your partner can carry the baby while you can move the stroller.

Dangerously carry stroller up the stairs
Try to have one adult carry the baby, while the other adult carry the stroller

Also, always remember that when running, use a jogging stroller. Never use any other alternatives to fulfill the functionality that jogging strollers were designed for. The maneuvering capability of the other strollers is not good enough for running. Therefore, the continuous bumping can hurt the baby and if the wheels change their directions abruptly, both you and your baby can get injured badly.

Which One Suits You Best?

Only one person can answer this question and that is YOU. The best baby stroller for your friends may not be the best for you. You need to make sure the product you buy is compatible with your car so that moving it around will not be a problem. For the convenience of our readers, we have prepared a list of top 10 best strollers. Purchase it by keeping in mind the area that you live in, the weather conditions it has, and the terrains where you would want to take the product to.

Also keep in mind the features that you want. It is not very wise to buy an expensive product that doesn’t even have at least 50% of your required features. The best baby stroller that fits your requirements most should be the one you buy. Always remember that the safety of your child should always be the main focus. There is no room for compromise on safety, feel free to reject it and start your search again.

Strolling is easy with the right stroller
Strolling is easy with the right stroller

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