Jogging Strollers vs Regular Strollers: Finding the Perfect Fit

Whether you already have children or you’re expecting a new baby, a stroller is a necessity. Maybe you just want a new stroller for your little one but you’re not sure which kind to get. But the question is: how to choose a stroller for newborn? Choosing baby equipment can be quite overwhelming at times; from choosing a good brand, what kind of stroller, size, designs, and so much more. You want to make sure you choose something safe for your child, but also nice and convenient for parents as well.

Jogging Stroller vs Regular Stroller

Because there are so many different types of strollers in today’s market, you’ll be able to find one that fits most, if not all of your needs. Do you need a simple stroller that just does the basics? What are you going to use the stroller for? How often do you plan on using the stroller? What is your budget for a new stroller? Where do you plan on using it? What added features would you like? How much use can my child get out of it?

That might seem like a lot of questions, but they are questions to think about. If you need a car seat as well, most jogging and regular strollers can come as a travel system; which includes a car seat, a base for the car seat and the stroller. Most come with a canopy and a basket under the seat for storage. Having the perfect stroller can make your everyday life a lot easier.

Regular Strollers

By regular strollers, I mean a stroller that is intended for everyday use. There are so many to choose from. It’s a lot easier to pick a stroller that has a canopy, basket, child tray, and is foldable. The canopy will help shield your child from harmful sun rays, rain and snow. If you choose one with a child tray, more than likely you can attach a car seat to the stroller; just make sure your car seat is compatible with the stroller.

A couple of great features to look for, although not necessary, are adjustable handles, warranties, easy to clean, reclining seats and a parent tray with compartment. Adjustable handles are helpful for taller people. Pushing a stroller while hunched over to reach the handle can put a lot of strain on your back. Parent trays with a compartment are great for storing your phone and other small items within easy reach. A lightweight stroller can also be a good idea; let’s face it, no one likes carrying around heavy items.

A stroller that gets the job done while having good features is the Cosco Lift and Stroll. This is the stroller that I own, and I love it. You can read about It here.


  • Less bulky.
  • Turns easily with its swivel wheels.
  • Most can be folded and unfolded easily with just one hand.
  • Can choose from a variety of colors and designs.


  • Not very comfortable for long distance.
  • Plastic wheels aren’t ideal for different terrains.
  • Not always as durable as jogging strollers.
  • Not made for faster speeds.

Jogging Strollers

While jogging strollers might seem like they are made for more active families, they can be useful to any family. They have a sportier and sleeker look to them. Jogging strollers are great for everyday use, or family outings. Jogging strollers are great for parents that love to jog or run, and also for moms who want to get back into shape. It’s also a good way to soothe a fussy baby, the movements and fresh air is calming to them.

When choosing a jogging stroller, you might want to look for a few things. A parent tray would be especially helpful in this situation, you can place your phone in the compartment and a drink to keep you hydrated in the cup holder. Under seat storage is also helpful so you could put a couple of diapers, wipes, change of clothes and whatever else you or your child needs without carrying a diaper bag on your run. Some jogging strollers even come with speakers built in, so you and your child can listen to music.

One jogging stroller to consider is the Aire3 Click Connect stroller by Graco. This stroller has a basket under the seat, a child’s tray, and a parent’s tray. It also reclines to a flat position for child’s comfort. It also comes with a carrying strap to make transporting and storing easier.


  • Most can be taken on any terrain.
  • You can stay in shape while your child gets fresh air.
  • More durable than a regular stroller.
  • Can travel longer distances at faster speeds.


  • Bulkier than a regular stroller.
  • Not as easy to maneuver.
  • Usually more expensive.
  • Not recommended for children under six months.
  • Most don’t have seats that recline.

Extra Features to Consider

Now that you have a basic idea of what kind of stroller you’d like, here are some extra features that are nice to look for. When it comes to canopies, removable or 180 degree canopies are helpful so that you can position it any way that you need to. For safety, five-point harnesses are better for smaller children who can’t sit up unassisted.

If you already have multiple children, you might want to consider a double or even triple stroller. Triple strollers aren’t available as jogging strollers, unfortunately. Check out our article on  Tandem vs Side By Side Stroller for a better understanding on double strollers.

If you have one child and plan on having more, it might be a good idea to find a stroller that you can convert into a double or triple stroller. You want a stroller you can use for as long as possible.


Choosing the perfect stroller for your family might take some time, and could use a lot of trial and error. When comparing jogging strollers vs regular strollers, some final tips to consider when shopping for a stroller include: in store shopping first, weighing pros and cons of each stroller, and getting a good value for your money. In store shopping first can help you a lot by giving you a chance to push the stroller around and get a feel for it.

If you find one you really like in a store, go home and do some research, and then look up better deals online to save money. Each stroller comes with pros and cons, no matter what brand. You’ll want to weigh them to decide if the stroller is a good choice for you. And finally, just because a stroller costs a couple hundred dollars, doesn’t mean it’s technically any better than a sixty-dollar stroller. Good luck and happy shopping!


Tanya Robinson

Tanya Robinson is a first time mom, who stays at home with her baby girl. She is enjoying getting to know how to be a good parent and all the good tips and tricks. Tanya can’t wait to share her knowledge with you!