Tandem vs Side By Side Stroller Comparison

New of adding a child to your family or having twins is so exciting and parents are excited to hear about their little bundles. However, the excitement can turn into pain and disappointment when you realize you have to budget double of everything and the last thing you want to happen is seeing your bank balance dwindling away.

You could have also sold your bassinet, crib, and other items since you thought your family was complete. In either case, if you bear an extra baby, one of the things you’ll definitely need is a twin stroller. If the older child is less than 4, a twin stroller will make your life easier. The million-dollar question is what type of a twin stroller to purchase – a side-by-side or a tandem (where one baby sits behind the other).

Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, and till you comprehend the benefits and features of each, you will not be able to make the correct decision.

When selecting the best baby strollers (check out our post of best strollers 2022), you have to make sure that it is not only good for your twin kids but also fit for you home. Most people think that if you live in a large and a busy city you’ve to purchase a narrow stroller since you will have to go through the aisles of a drugstore.

However, the surprising thing is that a side-by-side stroller is only 4-inches wider and it complies with the ADA regulations. This means that it is not much different to a wheelchair and it can fit down the aisles without strain.

Tandem and side-by-side stroller comparison

One of the advantages of a side-by-side stroller is that it pushes really easily. The weight of your toddlers is centered so that it turns and pushes easily. Moreover, with this type of a stroller, you have a quick access to both kids.

With a tandem stroller, if you need to attend your kids, it is not that easy and direct as it seems. With this type of a stroller, you only attend one kid at a time. This may be somehow risky since as you are attending one kid, you might lack a clear view of what the other child is up to.

On the other hand, one of the greatest features of a tandem stroller is that one child to you thus providing a little more protection and security for them but it is still one of the issue parents complain about a tandem stroller.

If you are comparing a tandem and a side-by-side and you are talking about pushing a stroller down a sidewalk, then the tandem takes the win. With a tandem stroller, when you going down a sidewalk, it is really easy to push. However, when the toddlers become bigger, the kid in the front is likely to make it difficult to jack up the stroller and go down the sidewalk.

If you have a small apartment and you lack an ample room for storage, the tandem stroller is going to take the win. It can fold much faster than a side-by-side stroller.

A huge difference between a tandem and a side-by-side stroller is the way they turn. A side-by-side stroller turns easier and quicker than a tandem. On the other hand, the side-by-side stroller is wider, so you have to make accurate turns when you are making a sharp turn.

Kids of Different Ages vs Twins

If your kids are not twins and one toddler love to walk for part of the way, then I would recommend you purchase a toddler. This lets your older kid to be more flexible since they can ride along or walk beside you. It also gives him more independence, something many kids strive for.

If you have twins, go for a side-by-side stroller. These twin strollers put both child on an equal level which they’re able to see vividly without being obstructed.

Travel system

Most of the tandem strollers have one seat that accommodates an infant car seat such as the Britax B safe, making them a good travel system. Do read up our post on double stroller compatible with Britax B safe for more of such options. Some Tandem models can easily accommodate a car seat with both the seats, making it also a good option for twins.

There are few (that is if they are any) side-by-side strollers that have the ability to accommodate infant car seats. You’ll have to transfer your toddlers from the vehicle to the stroller, which takes up valuable time.

Defining features



  • Some types of Tandem strollers can accommodate car seat
  • It’s easy to navigate with a Tandem seat. Some have a ‘stadium seating’ feature that lets the kid in the back to sit a bit higher thus letting both of them see well.
  • Tandem strollers come with standard accessories, such as storage baskets, canopies, and snack trays.


  • Since it is long, it is hard to access to the kid in the front seat.
  • Lots of models lack the rear seats that can fully recline hence you’ll have to wait till your kid’s neck muscles become strong enough so that they can hold their head up.

Side-by-Side Strollers


  • These are the best ‘twin’ strollers and are meant for kids of the same age.
  • They operate effectively when they’ve children that are of the same weight riding.
  • These strollers position both kids so that they have the same vantage point.
  • They are a little shallower than the tandem strollers, giving better access to both kids and making the pushing more controllable.


  • The market is limited for the side-by-side strollers, so it can be hard to find cool accessories.
  • Because the kids sit side-by-side, consistent arguing can occur, which’s typical of kids.
  • Side by side strollers are wider than their tandem counterparts, so special attention will be required when navigating through a door way.
  • Manufacturers have been a bit slow to add accessories such as canopies, trays, storage baskets though there are becoming more readily available.


Eventually, you’ll have to ask yourself what you will be using the stroller for. If you have an infant, you will need strollers with bassinet and car seat; if you have two kids with ages quite apart then you might need a stand-n-sit stroller. The choice will definitely have a lot to whether you’ve twins or whether you have an older kid and an infant.

If you are wondering what stroller is best for you, I would love to tell you, but you have to figure out on your own. Consider some of the important factors when buying a stroller and make the right decision. Personally, I would prefer the Tandem models to side-by-side strollers, simply because of the size. If you plan to travel with your child, you should also check out our next article: Can You Bring a Stroller on an Airplane?

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