Top 10 Best Baby Bottles Closest to Breastfeeding

While looking for bottles I came across the top 10 baby bottles closest to breastfeeding.  Finding the right bottle is hard enough but finding one that the baby likes as much as the boob is a lot harder.  As a parent I know kids can be hard, and very choosy.  My oldest son refused to breastfeed but wouldn’t eat out of just any bottle, I had pick and choose until he finally would use one.  It wasn’t cheap, but it was worth it in the end.  So I now, a few kids later, started looking at the top 10 bottle list when I need help looking for the right bottle and price.  Here is the top 10 list for 2016 closest to breastfeeding bottle list, saved me time and money when my youngest daughter was born in August of that year.


#1 COMOTOMO Natural Feel  

Comotomo Natural Feel Bottles

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This is the first on the top 10 bottles closest to breastfeeding that came up on my search.  This baby bottle is designed for the seamless switch between the breast and bottle, and is very easy to disassemble for baby bottle cleaning.  To wash it there is no need for a bottle brush with is wider design it makes hand washing (for some of us who don’t have a dishwasher) a snap.  It can go in the top rack of a dishwasher, is microwave safe, boiling water safe, and sterilizer safe.

The COMOTOMO baby bottle is made to soothe the baby with its soft and squishy design.  The bottle itself, according to the Comotomo website is made to feel like a breast, just to squish it relieves their tension.  The nipples come in 2 different flow speeds slow and medium, along with 2 sizes the 5 oz bottle and the 8 oz bottle.  The prices vary some online but for a 5 oz bottle it’s about $13 and the 8 oz bottle is about $16.


#2 Dr. Brown’s Natural flow 

Read what others say about this bottle on Amazon here.

This brand I have seen everywhere, most stores like Walmart or Target usually have a good selection.  The brand itself has a lot to choose from just in the natural flow category, from glass, to the new options bottle, to the wide neck bottle.  Each bottle has its own pros and cons; they all have a vacuum free suction which helps baby eat at his or her own pace.  They all also reduce colic, spit up, burps and gas, (a gassy baby makes life hard for any parent, and less spit-up more clean clothes for mom).

-Glass bottles

These are made in the US and are BPA free although they have a slender build they still take the same silicone nipple as the original bottle.  They come also in the options wide neck ergonomic design, which uses a wider nipple which some babies and parents alike prefer.

-New Options Bottle

Fits most breast pumps, which is nice when you don’t have to transfer from a bag or another milk bottle to feed.  It’s made with the option of using the vent system or not, this is their first bottle that gives that option all their others the vent system is mandatory.  They are also made in the US and BPA free, although the vent system is recommended for the baby to reduce bottle feeding problems it’s not an absolute need.

-Wide Neck Bottles

Ergonomically designed for baby to be able to hold better and more comfortably, this bottle doesn’t have the option of not using the vent unless the bottle is made of glass.  It has a wider nipple which, from what I’ve seen with my own children, breastfeeding babies seem to prefer.

-Pink or Blue

This bottle is a standard size and slender, and comes as both a regular vent system bottle, or now comes in the new Options bottle type.  They take regular silicone nipples, and as the name states comes in either pink or blue.  This bottle comes also in 2 sizes the 4 oz and the 8 oz.

-Standard bottle

This milk bottle is the original natural flow bottle, where the vent system cannot be removed.  Slender in build and made of BPA free clear plastic, also uses standard silicone nipples

All Dr Bown baby bottles come in 2 sizes usually 4 oz or 8 oz bottles.  You can find most if not all of these kinds of milk bottles online or in stores.  Walmart, Kohls, Babies R US, Bed Bath and Beyond, Target and just to name a few.


#3 Born Free Breeze 

Another BPA free bottle which comes in 3 sizes: premie, 5 oz and 9 oz.  Taking apart and putting this milk bottle back together is quite easy seeing that it only has 2 pieces, it also makes it easy to clean.  It has an anti-colic design with active flow and comes in either glass or plastic.  They can be found at Target, Toys R Us and JC penny, the 5 oz goes for about $7 and the 9 oz goes for about $9


#4 Lansinoh Momma NaturalWave 

These milk bottles come in 2 sizes the 5 oz and 8 oz.  It’s BPA free, and clinically proven to reduce nipple confusion.  Which is great when you have to bounce between breast and bottle, also reduces gas, colic and spit-up.  They are sold at Toys R Us, Babies R US, Target, and, both sizes run about $8.


#5 First Years Breastflow 

This baby bottle comes with the unique 2 in one nipple with the babies in mind.  With this nipple the baby chooses the flow, like when breastfeeding the baby’s suction chooses the flow.  It’s made for any types of feedings, from boob to bottle to formula feeding.  It has a wide neck for easy filling, easy to clean and dishwasher safe.  It’s BPA free and available on for US residents only the 5 oz bottle and 9 oz bottle are $4.99 each.


#6 Medela Calma 

This bottle should only be used only after breastfeeding has been established, this is specifically made to bounce between breast and bottle.  The nipple only work if the baby uses its suction, otherwise the milk bottle is completely mess free.  This bottle has a vented nipple and mimics the baby’s natural feeding behavior, also has one size and shape for all bottle feeding babies and BPA free.  These are available at Target, Walmart, and Toys R US for about $12.


#7 Playtex Premium Nurser 

These baby bottles are my personal favorite, made for the on the go mother.  They come with pre-sterilized disposable liners.  Also, they come in 2 sizes the 4 oz bottle and the 8 to 10 oz bottle; they have an optional angled design and a leak proof seal.  They are compatible with all playtex nipples and caps, and come with the natural latch nipple.  Having the bottle so versatile with other playtex nipples and caps makes it easy to set up the bottle around what the baby likes.  It’s BPA free and reduces colic due to the bagged design which collapses like the breast to prevent air mixing in.  These baby bottles are sold almost anywhere and are very reasonably priced.


#8 MAM Anti-Colic 

Scientifically proven to prevent 80% of colic, they are made with a vented base, and have an ultra-soft silicone nipple.  Nipples only come in one size and slow flow; they are BPA free, Lead free, PVC free, CPSIA compliant.  They are sold at most big consumers for about $7.


#9 Kiinde Squeeze 

This bottle can be used to support the pump while pumping into its Kiinde Twist Pouch.  The pouch snaps right into the bottle you can squeeze all the air out of the pouch before adding the nipple.  Which is designed to encourage and teach a deep wide natural latch, and discourages the “lazy latch”.  The bottle is made to fit well in both the mother and baby’s hands comfortably, it’s BPA free, PVS free, phthalate free, top rack safe and sterilizer safe.  They sell for about $15 at Toys R US, Walmart and Target.


#10 Munchkin Latch 

These milk bottles have an accordion style nipple which moves with the baby’s head to reduce air ingestion, just like the breast.  It has a one way valve to reduce colic, and the baby controls the flow just like it would when breastfeeding. It’s about $10 for either the 4 oz bottle or 8 oz bottle, sold at, babies R US,, Target, and Walmart.


Saphira Rush

Saphira is a stay at home mother who tries to make learning fun. After the loss of her 2nd child she devotes her time and energy helping others with grief and loss.