Top Rated Crib Mattress by Sealy

Looking for a baby mattress that is non-toxic, durable and safe for your baby? Then you have come to the right place. In this article we will review the top rated crib mattress among Sealy’s product line. You should also see this page for all of the most talked about brands in the crib mattress market.


About the Brand: Sealy

The Sealy brand was built in 1881 in America. It’s the second largest brand of mattresses in the United States. Sealy has clinched the number one position in the market for three decades now. It has done this through its design, manufacturing, and leadership. It’s made using soybean oils sourced from American farmers.

 The Sealy brand is known to be extra firm, which is perfect for your baby, but at the same time, it’s made of lightweight foam. What makes this brand different from the other foam mattresses in the market, is that the foam used to make this mattress is made from soybean oils which are grown by American farmers. This ensures that the foam lasts for longer and in turn, the mattress will not sag after continuous use.

 The Sealy mattresses are built and designed with quality materials in Canada. They are designed to deliver the perfect combination of comfort and support at a great value.

The Sealy Soybean Foam-core is a perfect mattress for your newborn. It’s free of any toxins and chemicals. It is considered by most moms as the best crib mattress for a baby in the market.


Sealy Soybean Foam-Core Baby Crib Mattress

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top rated crib mattress



High-Density Soybean Foam-Core

The mattress is made with renewable soybean foam. I’m sure you’re probably wondering what this means exactly. Well, let me break it down for you. Soybeans are renewable, so this means that they are organic. The soy based foam core as compared to other conventional foams which are full of toxins and chemicals are safer for your baby. This means that a mattress made of soybean foam like this Sealy one is definitely a healthier choice for your baby as it will not emit toxic gases like other mattresses.

Cleanliness and Wet resistant

Also, as you know, babies drool, a lot, especially when they’re sleeping. If the mattress your baby is using is not wet resistant, then the drool will wet the core, which will then result in a conducive breeding ground for mold and other pathogens. This is the last thing you’d want!

The soybean foam-core mattress prevents this from happening. How? Well, the manufacturer was thoughtful enough to design the mattress with a wet resistant cover, making it hard for liquids to find their way into the mattress core. Pretty cool, huh?

Being able to easily clean a mattress is a crucial thing for any mattress, more so a crib mattress. As a mom, I’m sure that you are aware that hygiene is crucial when it comes to your baby. This means you need to make sure that you clean the mattress cover often to prevent allergens and mold from breeding.

I’m pretty sure you know too well the kind of “accidents” that can happen in our baby’s cribs, from a sick baby to a leaked diaper, the possibilities are endless. With this type of mattress, stains and liquids will not seep in because it has a binding that is waterproof. So, you can quickly clean with mild soap or even use a baby wipe to clean the mattress! Good news right, there right?


GreenGuard certification

The Sealy Soybean Foam Core already has the GreenGuard certification. When a product has the GreenGuard Certification, it means that the manufacturer has created a product that is free of toxins and chemicals. Also, the organization helps buyers like you and me to identify products that have low chemical emissions. What does this mean for your baby? This means that the air your baby breathes in is improved and in so doing your baby gets a safer and healthier sleeping environment. This ultimately means that as your baby grows, he or she will not acquire any breathing problems or even diseases that come as a result of chemicals and toxins in your home.


Safety and qualityWaterproof baby mattress

The Sealy mattress is quite firm, therefore it’s bound to last for long. This means that your baby can use it when they graduate to be a toddler. So, you don’t have to dig in your pockets to buy a new one when your baby grows up. The mattress also offers good air quality for your baby ensuring that he or she gets to breathe in clean air, providing a safe sleeping environment.


Firmness and Comfort

This mattress is quite firm, but it won’t take away the comfort for your baby. Also, for best growth, your baby needs a firm mattress to sleep on. A mattress that sinks in when your baby lies on it, may cause back issues as your baby grows. This mattress has that well taken care of as it’s firm and comfortable. The mattress is also lightweight making it easy for you to change the sheets.


Advantages and disadvantages


  • Made with soybean oils and very lightweight.
  • Its cover is wet resistant as well as stain-resistant and so it’s easy to clean.
  • It has won awards for its high quality.
  • Perfect firmness for your newborn.
  • Your baby doesn’t have to inhale chemicals from the mattress while sleeping thanks to the fact that the mattress is made of soybean oils.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Has many healthy green certifications.
  • It has a water-resistant cover that’s resistant to moisture, meaning any unhealthy little allergens will not stick to this mattress.
  • It’s pretty affordable and friendly to your pocket.
  • Can handle the weight of up to 60 pounds so you can also use it as a toddler bed.



  • The edges may compress with time, especially if the mattress doesn’t fit well into your baby’s crib because of its square form, leading to gaps in the mattress as well as how it fits in the crib.
  • You have to measure your crib before buying this mattress.
  • The mattress has a smell so you will need to air it first.


Who should Buy this Mattress?

The Sealy Soybean Foam Core mattress has been designed for your babies and toddlers between 5 and 65 pounds. This mattress is for you if you are a mom who has a preference for natural fillings, much like I am. Because with this, your baby will not be exposed to harmful emissions.

This mattress is for you if you are not particularly excited about cleaning a wet crib mattress after a sick baby or leaky diaper. It has a waterproof coating so you can easily clean off any wet accidents. Finally, you should consider this mattress if you’re not keen on buying another mattress when your baby graduates to being a toddler.

On the other hand, this mattress may not be for you if you are not into organically made mattresses. If you are a mom whose baby’s health is the highest priority, then look no further!


Close Alternative Product

From my research, I came across another mattress that is close in comparison to the Sealy soybean mattress and thought I could also talk a little about it. The mattress I’m referring to is the Colgate Eco Classica III. Before I tell you a bit about this one, I would like to make this clear, this is not the company that makes your toothpaste! It’s far from that, it makes great crib mattresses. Just in case the name confused you for a while!

This one is also a favorite among moms, I can tell you that for free. It’s also a foam mattress, it’s eco-friendly just like the Sealy soy bean foam mattress, but a bit pricier. But the thing is, most moms agree that it’s definitely worth the price. You can get it at a price range of between $200-$250.

alternative crib mattress

Summary Comparison: Colgate Eco Classica III vs Sealy Soybean Foam-core

Colgate Eco Classica III

Type- Foam (plant Based)

Size (inches) – 51.6 x27.2 x 5

Price range: $200-$250

Weight – 8.3lbs


Sealy Soybean Foam-core

Type- Foam (plant Based)

Size (inches) – 51.7 x27.2 x 6

Price range: $170-$200

Weight – 9.4lbs



Why Do We Need a Mattress for Baby?

 The best place for your baby to sleep is in his or her crib, on a firm mattress. Also, you need to make sure that there’s no loose bedding or any toys. Why no loose bedding you may ask? If your mattress is covered by loose bedding, your baby’s nose may accidentally be caught in between the loose bedding and since he or she may not know how to disentangle his or herself, your baby’s breathing may be compromised. Your baby is much safer sleeping on their own mattress but still nearby for you to check on him or her as often as you feel necessary.

Co-sleeping will cut your baby’s risk of suffocation, by you as the parent, suffocation from pillows or even just your beddings accidentally blocking his or her airwaves. I know it’s convenient for midnight feeding when all you have to do is just roll over and access your baby for feeding but it’s important that you know that Co-sleeping has also been linked to infant sudden death syndrome (SIDS).

Sleeping in crib is a safer option 

In addition, your baby overheating from yours and your partner’s warmth is also something to consider. Sharing a bed with your baby may also cause disturbance to him or her as you make any night toilet trips. That is unless you are Spiderwoman or something, meaning you can move in and out of bed with utmost stealth!

 You may ask, how about my baby sleeping in a car seat, stroller, rocker or swing? Picture this, your baby, after fussing for a long time, falls asleep in the swing, the last thing you want to do is to risk waking him or her with a move. What to do now? Let’s face it, the first thing that comes to mind is just to leave your baby to sleep on the swing. This might look like a harmless decision on your part but it’s actually not. Let me tell you why.

According to research from the American Academy of Pediatrics, letting your baby sleep for too long in a sitting position actually, makes it hard for your baby to get enough oxygen. Okay, I know now you’re really scared, at least I know I was when I got to know this. The same thing applies to car seats. Of course, you should keep your baby in his or her car seat if they fall asleep while you’re driving, but once you get to the house, do take them out of their car seats and put them straight in their crib.

Car Seats is not meant for sleeping

So, when you’re tempted to carry your baby to the house in their car seat to let him or her continue sleeping, remember that letting them sleep in that seating position has the risk of making it hard for your baby to breathe and if that’s not scary enough, it might contribute to your baby acquiring a flat spot at the back of his or her head, which in turn will worsen reflux.

 If you are not a first-time mom, you know first-hand that in the first few years, your baby will spend most of its time in his or her crib, sleeping. Your baby will spend a lot of its time sleeping over the next couple of years. Usually, he or she will sleep up to 18 hours per day. This means that your baby will be exposed to their crib mattress for many hours. So, a good mattress will make bedtime better for your baby. That’s a definite bonus for you, since we all know what happens when your baby doesn’t get enough sleep!  Nobody wants a cranky baby! Good sleep is important. Also, as your baby grows, he or she is well supported by a mattress. Your infants comfort is important, the safer the bed is, the more comfortable you will feel.

With all that’s said and done, we recommend getting a crib mattress for your baby to help in keeping him or her safe, comfortable and protected while they sleep. With all that information, we assume by now you understand why getting a crib mattress for your baby is important, right? Let’s move on to the particular brand we want us to look at.


Final Opinions and Recommendations

We would highly recommend the Sealy Soybean Core Mattress. This mattress is firm so it’s comfortable for my baby to sleep in, is of high quality, easy on the pocket, very easy to clean and has very good reviews from moms. If you have researched online for crib mattresses, you know that they are expensive, so if you are like me, you will want one that will last for long. This is it.  So now with this one you don’t have to go back to buying another mattress when your baby grows into a toddler, sounds like music to your ears right?

In addition, the Sealy brand has continued to prove its reliability by continuing to win awards. Also, it offers a lifetime warranty, this speaks volumes about its quality, don’t you think? Whatever sleep scenario you decide for your baby, the one thing that you should keep in mind as a mom is that safety is key.

Even though it would make my life just a little bit easier, I never brought any of my kids to co sleep with me. We strongly believe that my babies are safer in their own crib on their own mattress. One of the many sacrifices I have had to make as a mom.

Safety and Quality Considerations

Your baby is going to sleep on their mattress for a long time. Even when they get older, you may decide to have them use the same mattress on their toddler bed. So, in my opinion, the best thing you can do is to buy them a mattress that is of good quality that will last them all those years.

It has more pros than cons. Also, since form mattresses are popular for being eco-friendly, this means that they are healthier for my babies. They aren’t made with toxic materials so my baby is not exposed to toxins while sleeping.

Something else, they are cheaper, but I know what you’re thinking…cheap in most times than not means something doesn’t have a good quality. As a mom, I can assure you that this is not the case with this particular type of mattress.

As a mom, a baby’s life is one of the most precious things with much of your baby’s time is spent unsupervised in their crib. So, it’s crucial that you are able to trust the type of mattress your baby is going to lie on.

So, if you are on a budget like I am, and at the same time not ready to compromise on quality and safety, then this is a mattress to consider.

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