Why Do I Need a Stroller – 7 Reasons

A stroller is a big, expensive buy and there are a lot of models. It is not surprising that shopping for one makes parents anxious. The purpose of a stroller is to make it easier to transport your child while you walk.

After all, a baby stroller makes it easy for them to move toddlers around. More so, advanced strollers and transport systems are being improved to provide children and parents with better and useful features. Each type of stroller has their own functionalities, and even if you are faced with a list of best baby stroller brands, you should also select your buggy based on the actual need.

If you are not convinced whether you need a baby stroller, read through the following reasons to make a right decision.

1. They allow you to take care of more than one baby

Carrying one toddler with a baby carrier is fine, however, when you’ve to carry two or more babies that will be definitely an issue. But with a stroller, you can solve the issue very easily. This is because they are double or twin strollers that can carry twins and triplets, or even kids of different ages.

Strollers are convenient to use and many of them are strong for your kids. They also tend to enhance the babies interaction, more so in the side-by-side strollers.

2. A Stroller with basket offers extra storage

Strollers do not only free your back. They also provide extra storage as you go for quick errands with your kid. Even a simple umbrella stroller with basket has a little space for a diaper bag and towels.

A standard stroller offers parents the most extra storage space when compared to other strollers. Instead of having to carry a bag that’s full of milk bottles and diapers, you will find an ample space to clutch them in your stroller.

They have the ability to hold kids necessities, your shopping bag, cups, and trays. It also means that to do some little shopping for groceries or pick your laundry when pushing the stroller; it’s very convenient.

3. Encourages you to exercise and enjoy fresh air

Lots of parents are more concerned on getting back into shape after giving birth to kids. One of the effective ways moms can get rid of the fat is staying fit by making use of a jogging stroller. However, you should make sure that your toddler is over 5 months because that’s when her neck muscle becomes sturdy enough to withstand a bump.

The benefits of jogging are many. First, it gives you a chance of breathing in & out fresh air and gets the heart rate going fine. Being in a fresh air is awesome for reducing mom’s stress and also helps in getting rid of the daily stress. Nowadays, there are even jogging strollers with speakers that let you exercise with some added entertainment!

Whereas you can also jog with the other kinds of baby strollers, it’s much safer and recommended to use a jogging stroller. This is because it is specifically designed to accommodate jogging and its design is very different from the other types of strollers.

4. Saves you energy from carrying your child

Carrying your kid all time on your arms isn’t an easy task because you also need to take care of other important stuff as well. You can use a baby carrier to take the kid close to you but it does make you feel tired too. So instead of wearing your kid, push her in a stroller instead. It takes less energy to push your baby in a stroller than carrying him. The kid can still sleep with you run your errands.

Do not worry about heavy baby strollers. There are lightweight strollers that offer maximum convenience when traveling. These strollers can even be folded into a compact shape and carry them everywhere you desire. You can also fit them in your car.

If you’re afraid that you will wake up your young one when putting him in a car seat, there’s a particular type which can solve this issue; a car seat frame stroller. You won’t even lower the car seat. With your child facing you directly from the seat, you can easily watch over them.

5. Easy transportation

With the hustle of your day-to-day activities, you will have to leave your house at times to pick up your older kids from school, get to an appointment or pick up your groceries. Taking care of a toddler at the same time you are performing other chores can complicate things.

However, with a reliable stroller, you can easily unfold it and then use it to carry your kid everywhere you go without much difficult. You may even be able to bring some strollers onto an airplane!

For longer trips, owning a travel system is a great option since you are able to get the benefits of both a stroller and an infant car seat all in one.

6. Comfortable and quality time spent with your kid.

Endless everyday activities make it hard for many caregivers to perform multiple chores simultaneously. These activities become more stressful if you’ve to take care of a toddler. With an affordable and functional stroller, it gets easy to carry your toddler no matter where you go.

In addition, a stroller serves as a great item you can use to spend a quality time with your kid. It lets you and your baby enjoy a fresh and nice air and stroll through the part together.

For instance, the lightweight strollers offer you maximum convenience for traveling. Since they weigh less than 15 pounds, you can easily carry them around.

7. Strollers are durable and long-lasting

The final reason is that they are durable and they can last for a very long time. Strollers complies with the most stringent safety standards. Their strength and durability make them to be considered as a long-lasting product that can keep your kid protected from external hazards.

Many strollers feature a durable side protection system which offers protection to your kids from all sides. This system also protects kids from dangerous ultraviolet rays and other environmental hazards.


All reasons present here show that strollers are definitely one of the most important products parents should consider buying when they give birth. Strollers are readily available in the market. Whether you need a traditional baby stroller or powerful featured stroller, you won’t have to spend an exceeding amount of cash.

Anna C

Anna is the main author of this website. Like many of you, she is a mother who is continuously searching for the best parenting tips in order to learn more about child development.